Knowing Yourself: Thenkachi ko Swaminathan. Thenkachi Ko Swaminathan (Author of Indru Oru Thagaval 1)Welcome back. Just a moment. Thenkachi Ko. Swaminathan was a popular orator, an author of various Tamil books, Deputy Director of 'All India Radio' a-k-a AIR, radio channel. Thenkachi Ko. Swaminathan was an author of various Tamil books, Deputy Director of "All India Radio" a-k-a AIR, radio channel, was a host of the daily.


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Former station director of AIR,Chennai, G Selvam, said Swaminathan left his mark in writing scripts and plays, in discussions, poetry sessions, children's programme and short stories.

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Through this programme, he taught farmers modern agricultural techniques, of course using his inimitable easy style to relate to the simple thenkachi ko swaminathan stories folks. Swaminathan died on Wednesday, September 16, after an extensive heart attack at the age of Kaliyamurthy Former Superintendent of Police.

Kaliya Murthywho hails from Budalur, Thanjavur District, had his humble beginnings in a farmers family. Thenkachi ko swaminathan stories rose to the level of Superintendent of Police in the Department, just due to his sheer dedication, selfless service and hard work.

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Kalimurthy represented Tamil Thenkachi ko swaminathan stories and won hat trick Medals thus bringing laurels and honours to the thenkachi ko swaminathan stories of Tamilnadu. Sri Kaliyamurthy due to his concerted efforts arrested two culprits risking his own life and was awarded the Gallantry Medal by the then Tamilnadu, Chief Minister.

Inat Chennai in a shootout with the terrorists he was injured in the arm and inspite of the injury managed to shoot down two terrorists for which act the Tamilnadu Govt.

He the goodwill of the Chief Ministerand other thenkachi ko swaminathan stories of Tamilnadu for several such actions during his meritorious service spanning several decades. He was again responsible for Traffic Safety Awareness in the city of Trichy, by bringing in technology through modern gadgets and for reducing the accident rate drasticall.

He is still remembered for his overnight arrest of burglars at Ramji Nagar, Trichy in and helped in transforming them to become good citizens for which he was sanctioned Rs.

In Our President A.

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This felicitation function held at Anna Stadium, was attended by thousands of his admirers where he was lauded for his sincere and untiring efforts. Maybe, a rare officer, whose uniform size remained the same from the day he adorned it thenkachi ko swaminathan stories the date of his super annuation.


A fitness freak, this police officer sure maintains his service routine till date. Suryakala is a fortunate mother of 2 children thenkachi ko swaminathan stories eminent medical practitioners as also their spouses.

S ortho are very popular among the masses. Rendering low cost and free medical services in their hometown is proof of their service mind and philanthropic nature.

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As a step towards proving his interest towards betterment of the society we live, Mr. Kaliamurthy gives motivational and inspirational speeches which attract lakhs of students and thousands from the teaching community.

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Swaminathan was a radio artist. After completing his B. He presented a morning radio talk called "Indru Oru Thagaval" i.