Keywords: Asherman syndrome, Intrauterine adhesion, Hysteroscopy, . In spite of this, many authors do believe that the inflammatory pathway. El diagnóstico de Síndrome de Asherman debe basarse en: 1. Una o más características clínicas: amenorrea, hipomenorrea, subfertilidad. RESUMEN Antecedentes: la histeroscopia quirúrgica es el método óptimo para el tratamiento de pacientes con síndrome de Asherman y deseos reproductivos.


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Asherman's syndrome

You may also need to take estrogen while the uterine lining heals. You may need to take antibiotics if there sindrome de asherman an infection. Support Groups The stress of illness can often be helped by joining a support group where members share common experiences and problems.

Outlook Prognosis Asherman syndrome can be cured with surgery. Women who are infertile because of Asherman syndrome sindrome de asherman be able to have a baby after treatment.

The aim of this review is to explore the most recent evidence related to this condition with regards to aetiology, diagnosis management and follow up strategies. Specifically, he identified this pathology in 29 women who showed amenorrhea with stenosis of internal cervical ostium [ 1 sindrome de asherman.

Asherman syndrome: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

Asherman's syndrome affects women of all races and ages equally, suggesting no underlying genetic predisposition for its development.

Hysteroscopy is the gold standard for diagnosis. Ultrasound is not a reliable method of sindrome de asherman Asherman's Syndrome.


Hormone studies show normal levels consistent with reproductive function. With the advent of techniques which allow visualization of the uterus, classification systems were developed to take into account the location and severity of adhesions inside the uterus.

Sindrome de asherman is useful as mild cases with adhesions restricted to the cervix may present with sindrome de asherman and infertility, showing that symptoms alone do not necessarily reflect severity.

Other patients may have no adhesions but amenorrhea and infertility due to a sclerotic atrophic endometrium. The latter form has the worst prognosis.

The management of Asherman syndrome: a review of literature

Prevention[ edit ] Sindrome de asherman review concluded that there were no studies reporting on the sindrome de asherman between intrauterine adhesions and long-term reproductive outcome after miscarriage, while similar pregnancy outcomes were reported subsequent to surgical management e.

Studies show this less invasive and cheaper method to be an efficacious, safe and an acceptable alternative to surgical management for most women.

It may occur with or without hemorrhage after delivery or elective termination of pregnancy.


Less often, it results after a dilation and curettage for a non-obstetrical procedure for excessive sindrome de asherman, sampling for endometrial cancer, or removal of endometrial polyps. It can also occur after surgery to remove uterine fibroids.


In patients with persistent excessive uterine bleeding hypermenorrheaspecific procedures to create these adhesions throughout the uterine cavity is the desired goal to control the bleeding. These procedures are done to ablate the endometrium and create the scarring. In the developing world, it may also occur sindrome de asherman to infections from schistosomiasis or tuberculosis.

The management of Asherman syndrome: a review of literature

Epidemiology Asherman syndrome may go unrecognized in women who are not trying to conceive since they may not recognize or be concerned with the symptoms. These sindrome de asherman may have hypomenorrhea. Women with placental abnormalities e.

The incidence may be as high as The risk increases for patients undergoing repeated procedures for bleeding or repeated sindrome de asherman termination of pregnancies. It is found in 1.