This illustration from the July 16, , U.S. News magazine shows the beginnings of American containment policy. The U.S. is seen sending troops, advisors. An article in the July issue of Foreign Affairs magazine, signed X, proposed that the West adopt a policy of "containment" toward the Soviet Union. Containment: Containment, strategic foreign policy pursued by the United States in the late s and the early s in order to check the expansionist policy.


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He responded with a wide-ranging analysis of Russian policy now called the Long Telegram: It does not work by fixed plans. It does not take unnecessary risks. Impervious to logic of reason, and it is highly sensitive to logic of force.

For this reason it can easily withdraw—and usually does when strong resistance is encountered at any point. The Soviets perceived themselves to be in a state of perpetual war with capitalism; Policy of containment Soviets would use controllable Marxists in the capitalist world policy of containment allies; Soviet aggression was not aligned with the views of the Russian people or with economic reality, but with historic Russian xenophobia and paranoia; The Soviet government's structure prevented objective or accurate pictures of internal and external reality.

Kennan's cable was hailed in the State Department as "the appreciation of the situation that had long been needed.

Containment, policy of

Six months later, it would probably have sounded policy of containment. This report, which recommended "restraining policy of containment confining" Soviet influence, was presented to Truman on September 24, Forrestal gave permission for the report to be published in the journal Foreign Affairs under the pseudonym "X.

He later said that by containment he meant not the containment of Soviet Power "by military means of a military threat, but the political containment of a political threat.

Policy of containment — [ edit ] After Republicans gained control of Congress in the elections, President Truman, a Democrat, made a dramatic speech that is often considered to mark the beginning of the Cold War. Portraying the issue as a mighty clash between "totalitarian regimes" and "free peoples," the speech marks the adoption of containment as official U.

Congress appropriated the money. Truman's motives on that occasion have been the subject of considerable scholarship and several schools of interpretation. In the orthodox explanation of Herbert Feisa series of aggressive Soviet actions in —47 in Poland, Iran, Turkey, and elsewhere awakened the American public to the new danger to freedom to which Truman responded.

DavisTruman was a naive idealist who unnecessarily provoked the Soviets by couching disputes in terms like democracy and policy of containment that were alien to the Communist vision.

Containment | foreign policy |

The timing of the speech policy of containment not a response to any particular Soviet action but to the fact that the Republican Party had just gained control of Congress.

He won wide support from both parties as well as experts in foreign policy inside and outside the government.


Wallacewho ran against Truman in the presidential campaign. Because containment required detailed information about Communist moves, the government relied increasingly on the Central Intelligence Agency CIA.

Established by the National Security Act ofthe CIA conducted espionage in foreign lands, some of policy of containment visible, more of it secret. The Soviet Union's first nuclear test in prompted the National Security Council policy of containment formulate a revised security doctrine.

Milestones: – - Office of the Historian

Completed in Aprilit became known as NSC According to the report, drafted by Paul Nitze and others: In the words of the Federalist No.

In either case we should take no avoidable initiative which would cause it to become policy of containment war of annihilation, and if we have the forces to defeat a Soviet drive for limited objectives it may well be to our interest not to let it become a global war.

The first was policy of containment return to isolationism policy of containment, minimizing American involvement with the rest of the world, a policy that was supported by conservative Republicans, especially from the Midwestincluding former President Herbert Hoover and Senator Robert A.

However, many other Republicans, led by Senator Arthur H. Vandenbergsaid that policy had helped cause World War II and so was too dangerous to revive. Our editors will review what you've submitted, and if it meets our criteria, we'll add it to the article.

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