Peco IN-1 - N Gauge Setrack Planbook from Gaugemaster. Excellent book to be used in conjunction with Peco N Gauge layout designs use the Peco setrack codes making it easy to build your layout up. Peco STP Setrack Planbook Peco SL 00/H0 Six Foot Way Gauge Peco Streamline SL N Gauge Manual Uncoupler Peco Setrack ST-3 N Gauge.


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Peco IN-1 N Gauge Planbook

Sorry for the poor photos, they do the job though. Peco overhauled the OO gauge Setrack planbook with two editions inside two years although the second version was more of an update than a complete re-writeand anyone who remembers the Peco planbooks of old will appreciate just how much of a leap forward these peco setrack n gauge planbook publications are over the old versions.

For years Peco turned out Setrack books that were firmly stuck in the trainset mindset, including figure of eights with flat crossovers and peco setrack n gauge planbook ovals with sidings, and the plans were decades behind current layout thinking.

Fast forward to a couple of years ago and here's Paul Lunn, who brought together a combination of creative layout thinking and artistic representations of the finished layouts to produce some interesting concepts and a worthwhile publication in the OO trackplan book.

So having been treated to versions of the OO Peco setrack n gauge planbook book in andthis year we got a brand new N gauge version, and while a couple of the layouts have been recycled from the OO books there's plenty of new stuff on show here.

The first 11 pages are given over to various peco setrack n gauge planbook of layout building, such as the geometry of the Peco Setrack range, where to site the layout, baseboard construction, wiring, and so on.

From page 12 onwards the book goes through 27 different plans, combining a track diagram indicating the Setrack components requireda superb 'artists impression' of what the finished layout could look like, prototype photos, rolling stock suggestions, and box-outs giving details of other books, publications and locations to visit where further useful information can be gathered.

Peco IN-1 - N Gauge Setrack Planbook

Copyright forbids me from directly reproducing any peco setrack n gauge planbook the plans here and at just?? Anyone familiar with the OO version of the book will feel right at home. There's plenty of shunting layouts, end to end, freight only and terminus-to-fiddleyard plans.

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  • Peco IN-1 N Gauge Planbook
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But what are the plans actually like? On the whole I'd say acceptable, there's certainly a few in there that make creative use of space and introduce some new ideas, and there's no complete howlers.

The Falmouth Docks plan neatly disguises the nature of the oval and has some interesting operating potential although the use of radius 1 curves when a larger radius would have comfortably fitted and allowed a larger fiddleyard - and more realistic appearance - peco setrack n gauge planbook shortsighted.

Brunel Station is another clever piece of thinking, the idea of just modelling the end of a station where locos uncouple and run round their trains being so obvious that you wonder why this isn't a more frequently used layout concept.

Some of the smaller plans, such as the Cobra Railhead and Mells Road Sleeper Depot, would also make attractive layouts. The Oxcroft Coal Disposal Point is ideal for someone who likes peco setrack n gauge planbook big industrial buildings, and on similar lines the Wirksworth Mineral Line would also make a fine model.

Perhaps the most ingenious is Merry-go-round Coal Trains where the syncronisation of two seperate trains peco setrack n gauge planbook performed to give the impression of wagons being emptied.

This last plan however does start to highlight some of the problems with the plans. The MGR Coal Trains layout is more suited to exhibition running in order to syncronise the two trains you'd need to stand next to the fiddleyard, and yet the effect you're trying to achieve is only observable from the scenic sideand also requires scratchbuilding some fairly large and extensive industrial structures.

PECO In-1 Setrack Planbook Track Plans N Gauge | eBay

Peco setrack n gauge planbook this in mind, would a modeller contemplating this sort of layout use Setrack? This question has to be asked about most of the larger plans really - most of the plans I've highlighted above lean towards the smaller end as the larger plans don't seem to make as ingenious use of the space available and peco setrack n gauge planbook frequently crying out for some sweeping flexitrack curves.

Probably Plan 6 where a space 8ft x 6ft only has one quarter of the baseboard employed for the scenic part of the layout, and Plan 12 which is specifically designed to incorporate a representation of the Ribblehead Viaduct - surely such a magnificant location demands a more realistic and sensitive approach than constant radius curves and short radius Setrack points?

Yes Plan 19 suggests the layout could be built in stages, but who are these plans aimed at?


They seem far too extensive for the beginner, and it seems unlikely that experienced modellers would use Setrack in these instances. When the book sticks with the small and manageable though it does provide ideas for both beginners and experienced modellers, but overall I personally preferred the concepts on display in the OO version.

Somehow these just seemed more thought out and creative and, for me personally, prompted me to nod my head more often and think 'I'd like to build that'.

I think the size peco setrack n gauge planbook comes into play too - peco setrack n gauge planbook of the OO plans were relatively small and really explored the limits of how limited spaces can be used.

That just seemed to be missing with the N gauge version.

Peco Setrack N Scale Planbook

What I'd truly like to see is Paul Lunn let off the Setrack leash and allowed to design layouts without restrictions. In another publication it's stated that his main interest is peco setrack n gauge planbook getting the most from sectional track, so perhaps it wouldn't be something that would interest him, but for me there is an unanswered question with Paul - if this is what he can manage with sectional track, just what might he be able to do with flexitrack and larger radius points?

Peco are still producing CJ Freezer's excellent '60 Plans for Small Railways' and 'Track Plans' books even after all these years, so there's every indication that a new, 'general' trackplans book would sell well.

Antony New has attempted his own take on trackplans which personally I didn't think moved on a great deal from CJ Freezer's designs, and Iain Rice continues to plough his own furrow with his 'railway in a landscape' approach that is less about the trackplan and more about taking a wider view of the layout as a whole.

That approach isn't for everyone, and with the unfortunate and untimely passing of CJ Freezer peco setrack n gauge planbook there now a gap for Paul to fill?