Ovarian mucinous cystadenoma is a benign tumour that arises from the surface epithelium of the ovary. It is a multilocular cyst with smooth  ‎Abstract · ‎Introduction · ‎Case report · ‎Discussion. Majority of ovarian cysts are benign with few cases being malignant. Ovarian serous cystadenoma are rare in children. A year-old presented with abdominal. Ovary tumor - Benign serous tumors. Includes cystadenoma, cystadenofibroma, adenofibroma, papillary cystadenoma, papillary.


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Conclusions This case report emphasizes the significance of thorough evaluation of all women presented with vague ovarian cystadenoma pains. Although the condition is extremely rare, it is a potentially dangerous in its massive form if not timely diagnosed and managed ovarian cystadenoma.

With the increasing awareness of such conditions, more and more cases could be detected and reported early. Introduction Ovarian mucinous cystadenoma is a benign tumour that arises from the surface epithelium of the ovary.

Ovarian serous cystadenoma

It ovarian cystadenoma a multilocular cyst with smooth outer and inner surfaces. It tends to be huge in size. Although benign ovarian mucinous tumours are rare at the extremities of age, before puberty and after menopause [ 3 ], they are common between the third and ovarian cystadenoma fifth decades [ 4 ].

The most frequent complications of benign ovarian cysts, in general, are torsion, haemorrhage and rupture.

Ovarian serous cystadenoma | Radiology Reference Article |

As it contains mucinous ovarian cystadenoma, its rupture leads to mucinous deposits on the peritoneum pseudo-myxoma peritonei. This report presents a case of ovarian cystadenoma giant ovarian mucinous cystadenoma in a Saudi woman, one of the biggest reported ovarian tumours in the medical literature.

Case report A year-old divorced Saudi woman presented with her parents at the gynaecology outpatients' clinic of Jazan General Hospital, Saudi Arabia, with a massive abdominal distension and discomfort.

The patient has no living children from her previous marriage that lasted for 3 years. She was divorced one year back. Although the patient and her parents noticed gradual abdominal enlargement since 10 months back, they did not ask for a medical advice as they thought it was a pregnancy.

The left fallopian tube: Healthy uterus, right fallopian tube, ovarian cystadenoma ovary.

Case Reports in Obstetrics and Gynecology

The cyst was filled with clear serous fluid. No malignant cells or nuclear atypia were observed. The histopathology was suggestive of benign serous cystadenoma of the ovarian cystadenoma.

Her postoperative period ovarian cystadenoma unremarkable. Oral feeding and ambulation were started 12 hours after the surgery. She was discharged on the fourth postoperative day in good condition.

Pathology Outlines - Benign serous tumors

Serous tumors secrete serous fluids and are originated by invagination of ovarian cystadenoma surface epithelium of ovary. Serous cystadenomas are multilocular. In some instances, they include papillary projections. Giant ovarian ovarian cystadenoma cyst adenoma is a rare finding.


In the literature, a few cases of giant ovarian cysts have been mentioned sporadically and especially in elderly postmenopausal women [ 23 ]. Our presented case ovarian cystadenoma a ovarian cystadenoma postmenopausal para 4 woman who experienced a palpable pelvic mass for six-month period without any other associated symptoms.