La Orsai número ocho se presenta en sociedad con una entrevista al Indio Solari, la Guerra del Paraguay vista por Rep, cuentos inéditos de Enrique Syms. Post has attachment. Nico Babini. Public Jul 22, Photo. Última entrevista del Indio Solari para la revista Orsai [Audio]. Add a comment one plus. Enigmatic, clandestine, El Indio Solari met in New York with a journalist from Orsai to give his last interview in print. “I don't need the media.


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This is the backstage of that historic chat, and a complete transcript of the interview with the legend of Argentine rock.


He went to bed late last night and his hangover is apparent in his diluted energy. I orsai indio solari standing on a corner, looking to the side and seeing a year-old woman on roller skates.

I orsai indio solari forward and saw some body builder coming at me. I got to the hotel and the tennis player Guga Kuerten got out of one elevator, the actress Sonia Braga out of another.

It was even stronger when I started to discover the bars and their drinks. The image of the colossal artist is relegated to pictures, those pictures where he looks like an Olympic god standing in front of thousands of adoring souls. Since it will be a long chat, Solari, wearing an austere sweater and loose cotton pants, lets himself fall onto the bed.

It is clear that his four decades on stage have taken a toll on his body, but it is also clear that his face has no wrinkles, a healthy color, and is governed orsai indio solari two eyes that sustain a tenacious gaze, like lightning. orsai indio solari


His voice, while speaking, is very different from the orsai indio solari, metallic sound he emanates when he sings. On the contrary, his speaking voice is low and convincing, an instrument capable of converting everything he says into a maxim.

Most definitely, he will say in passing, he is a songwriter and he only promised to write songs. But all that is still a ways off. The orsai indio solari Part of the remarkable mystery surrounding El Indio Solari has to do with the scarcity of the interviews he has granted over his career.

Solari has a slogan: He speaks with two newspapers and one radio station, or with one newspaper, one magazine and one radio station. He has never, ever given orsai indio solari television interview. That is the way it was been for the past 25 years.

He has never played a set on television, or allowed his concerts to be broadcast on the idiot box.

Only My Songs Will Speak For Me Now: El Indio Solari

The shows circulating on the Internet are videos, some of them taken clandestinely, that have filtered through the pores of our new orsai indio solari. How to go about it? How could I interview the most mysterious, fascinating and popular musician in Argentina?

How could I get to this J. I knew he had read the magazine because, among the orsai indio solari little reliable information circulating about his life, we knew he was well traveled, drank good wine, and had cosmopolitan and sophisticated tastes. Later, I tried through the Sunday supplement of a newspaper.

OpenLibra | Orsai #8

He turned that down as well. His intuition told orsai indio solari something in the spirit of Orsai might interest him. Not just the articles, that too, but something in its DNA: Orsai opened the door. I gave him several editions of the magazine and he and his manager both liked it.

This is the first email El Indio wrote me, on September 26, I would accept an interview if you have patience with orsai indio solari phobias.