Liban: le mouvement "pour la chute du système confessionnel" et ses limites. Myriam Catusse 1 Marie-Noelle Abi Yaghi 1. Détails. 1 IFPO - Institut Français du. Mobilisation et démobilisation dans le cadre de l'INDH au Maroc», dans Myriam Catusse, Blandine Destremau, Éric Verdier (dir.), L'État face aux débordements. Articles from Myriam Catusse Published on Cairn International. Journal articles. couverture de [NUMERO_TITRE_ABREGE] · The Social Question at the Margins.


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In Morocco, with each election, the number of parties grew to 30 registered parties in the legislative elections. Djaziri questions the point of using this concept to describe political organizations in Libya when partisan activity is prohibited and punishable by death. The same question is raised in this volume with myriam catusse to Bahrain.

myriam catusse

Are “the Arab revolutions” an event for Social Sciences?

Myriam catusse additional contributions to this special issue focus on political movements that do not take a partisan form. Desrues shows that Moroccan agrarian syndicalism myriam catusse precisely a kind of mobilization that refused the partisan form: As with European communist parties Kriegel,parties are sometimes exalted by capitalizing and singularizing the name: More likely, these organizations would make a place for themselves in the political arena by renouncing ambition and the exercise of power.

Some have sought to create a state party, using these structures to reinvest public institutions in the era of democracy. Such parties have for the most part remained elitist and their membership a reflection of the calculation of personal political gain.

As shown in the contribution of L. Abdel-Jabbar to the project Arab Political Parti Most of them are simply political slogans.


For this reason, it is difficult to classify them, especially myriam catusse they have no clear activity that could indicate their ideological orientation, no communication, and some of them do not even have local headquarters. Failure of the parties 29Beyond the question of defining political parties, readings show that not only is the partisan object considered without interest in the region, but that political parties are often left out by the observers.

This leads to analyses that are frequently myriam catusse and present the disadvantage of implicitly or explicitly disqualifying the object of the study if this can be justified in the context of actual political action, this is very annoying from a strict approach of social sciences.

Abdel-Jabbar to this volume. Such weakness is here aggravated by the extreme limitations on the pluralism in which the parties develop.

Myriam catusse is the same evidence that M. But the crisis of secular parties is also in part of their own making. Many elements however, myriam catusse we will return to these later, prove that, it is necessary to locate this on a scale relative to political strength or weakness.


Such an approach is also an element in the public discourse and the maneuverings of myriam catusse actors. At that time a dissident group denounced the line taken myriam catusse the party that led to catastrophic results, which affected the party and its supporters.

Arab Reform Initiative

Such discourse is largely fueled by opinion makers. These papers underscore that political parties myriam catusse often characterized by a low degree of institutionalization, the absence of militants and fragile resources.

Many such parties appear myriam catusse during electoral periods. Their ideologies are weak. Finally, they would only rarely be capable of securing, monitoring, and controlling effective mobilizations.

This finding is not limited to the fields addressed in this volume. Party organizations are considered elements of authoritarianism, myriam catusse organized for the conquest of power and reproducing within themselves an authoritarian and personalized behavior devoid of civic conscience.

Culturalist explanations by instance in Islam, a mutual distrust arising from the schism, or the quest for myriam catusse Umma produce de-historicized explanations. The weight of history on the fragile formation of Nation-States and the stigma of the single-party system are certainly more myriam catusse subjects for discussion.

In fact, revolutions and independence movements have contributed largely to defining the political arenas where conflict and partition are not institutionalized, where unanimity is incarnate in the independent and revolutionary state as a State party:

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