Mischen wie die Profis: Das Handbuch für Toningenieure . bedenkenlos empfehlen und ist sicher auch für viele "Schon-Mastering-Profis" interessant. Item Number, Composer:OWSINSKI Bobbi, Category:Buch, ISBN, Publisher:Carstensen. Diese 50 Startups mischen das Online Marketing Rockstars Festival auf .. Instagram-Stories-Profi, Sneaker-König und Voice-Unternehmer: Sie alle.


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Sie alle kommen aus mischen wie die profis Medien- und Marketing-Business. Wir stellen hier jedes dieser jungen Unternehmen vor und haben sie deshalb gefragt: We are creating a platform to let advertisers connect directly with Digital Signage screens all over the world so they can publish their ads as well as video messages or any other content on the internet.

We also want to unify professionals of advertising, video producers and so on so that they can link to potential users.

Alan Parsons` Art & Science of Sound Recording

By collecting and transforming all data from your favourite marketing or media tools, databases and spreadsheets, Adverity creates a clean data stack for mischen wie die profis to leverage for any purpose. Its exploration, visualisation and provisioning capabilities enable leading marketers to increase efficiency and make their best data driven decisions.

Appinio — Marktanalyse per App Appinio is a social mobile app for opinions that enables marketing decision makers to generate consumer insights from highly specific audiences in real-time, in order to to validate decisions, react to trends or improve products within minutes rather than month.

Authorship — automatische Tag-Listen Authorship Tags analyzes your text content with artificial intelligence, and gives you back an editable list with all mischen wie die profis metadata tags.

With just one click.

The Magic Frequencies For EQing Mix Elements - Bobby Owsinski's Music Production Blog

AX Semantics — Roboter-Journalismus AX Semantics enables writers to scale their content production globally while making it agile mischen wie die profis personal. Users can quickly train our software to understand their stories and produce mischen wie die profis based on structured data in up to 18 languages.

BIGVU patent-pending algorithm makes extremely easy and fast to capture a video presentation and spice it up with images, stunning captions, split screens and virtual studios background.

Bynd — News-App und Flipboard-Konkurrent Bynd bundles all relevant media content into one central hub.

Kevin Ingreso

Contiamo — Daten-Dashboards mit Experten-Hilfe Contiamo brings data science into marketing practice to help companies take their customer experience to the next level.

E-Contenta — Ad-Targeting auf Grundlage vom Nutzerverhalten Mischen wie die profis is a personalized recommendation and dynamic native ads platform for brands and media.

The system applies AI technologies to pick the most relevant article or video and deliver it to the right individual in real time. Everybag — Produktsuchmaschine auf Grundlage von Fotodaten Using our visual product search engine you can finally bridge the gap between inspiration and retail and create a whole new revenue stream for your media.

mischen wie die profis

GoPro Studio - Download

Increase engagement and traffic by discovering the most relevant stories first. Using our technology and platform we are able to distribute targeted media and ads to users in their existing messaging apps.


HackPack — Journalisten-Community HackPack connects the entire media industry, making it possible to rapidly and cost-effectively gather insight and create content anywhere in the world. We create a place where styles can be shared, discovered and bought.

Besser Mixen – Top-Producer helfen mit Ratschlägen

Koovala — Stock-Video-Plattform With video being more important than ever, brands and marketers need a constant supply of compelling video-marketing-content.

Koovala mischen wie die profis the fastest and easiest way to said content: With Koovala, you have access to amazing videos by a global community of creatives at your fingertip.


We gather data by comparing their content with the content available on the internet. MediaMediary — Medien-Service-Plattform MediaMediary simplifies the selection and booking process of a broad range of audiovisual media services by connecting service seekers and carefully chosen providers who harmonize on creative, personal, and budgetary levels.

In doing so, we mischen wie die profis a trustworthy partner for both parties, providing orientation and security for clients and order books full of exciting projects for service providers.

Nqyer Media consolidates the mischen wie die profis, quantifies the reach, attributes the followers and makes this new generation of channels and magazines accessible and transparent. Your participants evaluate each other while you sit back. Welcome to our peer-to-peer solution. Opinary — Content Marketing mit Meinungstool Opinary is putting the user at the heart of its interactive content technology — creating real engagement, deep insights and a content marketing solution that works.