Get this from a library! Play matters. [Miguel Sicart] -- Why play is a productive, expressive way of being, a form of understanding, and a fundamental part of our. “You can buy it through MIT Press or preferably through your local bookseller. Support local. Play Matters (Playful Thinking) [Miguel Sicart] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Why play is a productive, expressive way of being, a form of.


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Book: Play Matters by Miguel Sicart

Larp theory around live role-playing as participatory culture where everyone is an author and first-person audience at the same time could have provided useful inspiration here. In contrast, not only are action and meaning-making for Sicart loosely coupled to the actual game, necessarily arising from a process of player appropriation: To me, this point deserves miguel sicart play matters Granting the evocative poetry of these sentences, I have to nitpick that in order to define all computation as play, Sicart has to loosen his already-loose understanding of appropriation, and heavily re-appropriate his own definition of play, dropping aspects like disruption, miguel sicart play matters, or the carnivalesque in the course.

In summary, Play Matters infuses fresh blood of references and authors into the game studies canon: Even readers already engaged in this underground play discourse are bound to discover something new.

To those unfamiliar with it, Play Matters provides a great service in collating these threads in a short miguel sicart play matters accessible form.

He consistently and explicitly highlights and values openness, ambiguity, expression, transgression, the player, agency — in short, good-old-fashioned progressive, high modernist, avant-garde politics and aesthetics.

What forms of play Sicart devalues and neglects; that pre-structured and co-intentional forms of play may likewise have practical, aesthetic, and ethical value; what political economy affords and constrains his play rhetoric and its realization; whether expressive appropriation is really an effective political intervention, let alone the most miguel sicart play matters one today; to what extent his examples of transgressive play are always already coopted as a hipster feel-good commodification of dissent: But again, as a manifesto, it need not.

Just as Sicart declares play to be appropriating, carnivalesque, personal, expressive, autotelic, and disruptive, so is miguel sicart play matters book: Sicart is trolling game studies in a nice way.

Play Matters (Playful Thinking): Miguel Sicart: : Books

Miguel sicart play matters at least, he tries to. For the tension at the heart of Play Matters is its own counterplay of Dionysian manifesto and Apollonian treatise, manifest in its vast underbelly of hundreds of footnotes.

Somehow, Sicart the Dionysian designer cannot fully shake off Sicart the Apollonian academic.


This could be a strategic move: Play Matters, then, is an attempt at a Greek tragedy of play and games, art and theory, manifesto and footnote. There are far worse ambitions.

Play matters (eBook, ) []

Notes [1] All single numbers in the following refer to pages in the book. Following Heideggerthere are two main modes of being in our everyday relating to the world.


Reading this text on a screen, you are not attentively aware of the screen as a screen — it disappears in the act of reading. In his later writings on technology, Heidegger held that our modern way of life is defined by a technological mode of being that casts everything, including human beings themselves, as nothing miguel sicart play matters a resource for some instrumental purpose.

It miguel sicart play matters us blind to the very fact that this casting is just one pretty violent and totalitarian way of being in the world, and it makes us indifferent to this loss.

The attraction of a game, the miguel sicart play matters it exerts, consists precisely in the fact that the game masters the players. These are very immediate and real questions in the cases of trolling and grief play, or children abusing animals in the course of curious play — and questions Sicart unfortunately does not address.

Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture, 9 15— Play, Playfulness, Creativity and Innovation. The Poetics of the Manifesto: