Maya's Notebook has ratings and reviews. Mohamed said: إعتراف رقم واحد: هذه الرواية أتعبتني كثيرًا، لأنني بدأت بقراءتها وأنا مشغولٌ من عقالي. Maya's Notebook by Isabel Allende – review. Isabel Allende's latest novel is a story of survival, but it avoids the brutal possibilities of reality. Isabel Allende discusses her latest novel Maya's Notebook.


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Maya notebook Maya tries to maya notebook sense of the past, unravels mysterious truths about life and her family, and embarks on her greatest adventure: In sixteen years of her life, Maya has experienced almost everything in her life, from drugs to prostitution to stealing and petty crimes thereby living life on the edge and making a negative name for herself in Oregon where she maya notebook with her grandparents, among whom her grandmother, Nini, is a Chilean emigrant whereas her grandfather, Popo, is an African American professor and Popo is the center of Maya's life, but after his death, Maya loses herself in grief and pain thereby finding solace in the comfort of deadly drugs and alcohol, which lands her up in Las Vegas, where she gets involve with a drug dealer by working for his clients to deliver drugs.

Maya's Notebook Summary & Study Guide

Pretty soon, from the FBI to the Interpol to the local police to some assassins, all either wanted her dead or wanted her alive to imprison her.

With so many criminal cases hanging on her head, Maya escapes to Chile with the help of her grandmother in a secluded island called, Chiloe maya notebook she will be taken care by her grandmother's long time friend, Manuel, an anthropologist who is writing his book. This is where she learns about herself, about her family, maya notebook the stories and those childhood days that her grandmother rarely talked about and maya notebook a lot about a community that is so kind, peaceful, forgiving and happy.

The author's writing style is quite appealing and articulate and something that is easy to comprehend with.

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The narrative of the maya notebook is engaging and is laced with emotions that will move the readers immensely. Maya spends a year maya notebook the island, disconnected from technology and ensconced in a magical world of nature, myth and spirits.

Silence and solitude lead her to initiate a journey into her own soul and to write daily in her notebook.


Her quiet state of mind also enables her to communicate with the ghost maya notebook her Popo, who before he died promised he would never abandon her. After months on the island, Maya falls in love with an American backpacker named Daniel Goodrich, who swings through for a brief visit, but Daniel, though affectionate, never reciprocates the maya notebook passion Maya feels.

He and Maya scuffle, and fall over a cliff, leaving Arana dead and Maya with a serious concussion.

Maya's Notebook by Isabel Allende – review | Books | The Guardian

The family is reunited and Maya, surrounded by people she loves, can let go of the suffering caused by the death of her Popo. This section maya notebook words approx.

You see a mugging through the window, but the bus has moved on. In this worldview, perhaps, the wise perspective of the narrative voice can maya notebook with the young narrator: Her argument is compelling.

She hits some nasty snags on the way to her rock bottom, but emerges maya notebook a rather idyllic sounding rehab with her joy in life intact, able to heal others.