Based on years of teaching experience, this informative handbook presents easy-to-understand instructions with sidebars to help students master beading. Mastering Beadwork by Cypher, Carol Huber (Author) ON Jun, Spiral bound has ratings and 10 reviews. Like new - immediate. The bead crochet rope demystified with animations, close-up video, and clear, concise steps for getting started.


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Looks like I'm going to be busy for quite some time. By the way, the book is bound like a mastering beadwork leaf note book; so it is very easy to look at the instructions while you are working. A must have for any beadweaver!!! Read full review by martholes-0 Nov 09, Mastering beadwork nice I love this book.

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Inspires me to be creative. You'll also find suggestions for personalizing and expanding on each project or pattern. Learn all the basic beading stitches-from peyote, spiral, vertical and horizontal netting, bead crochet, right-angle weave, triangle weave, daisy mastering beadwork, ladder stitch, ndebele, brick stitch, African helix, mastering beadwork more.


The instructions are clearly written with diagrams mastering beadwork color pictures of each finished piece. The projects are varied from jewelry items to card cases, etc.

Mastering Beadwork

The chapters are well laid out with several projects for each stitch. Each stitch is introduced in a page or two letting you know the versatility and common uses of the stitch as well some tips and tricks. The first project is the more basic with each project building on the one before it.

There are wonderful little sections throughout each chapter that challenge mastering beadwork to try a little variation mastering beadwork each given design or warn you of a common mistake, etc.

Mastering Beadwork - Carol Huber Cypher

Little informative boxes on interesting odds and ends are sprinkled in too. Intermediate to advanced beaders will be thrilled with all the extras and while a true beginner may find it daunting it will save a lot of mastering beadwork along the way and get you off mastering beadwork a solid start.

I gave it four stars instead of five for the Kindle edition because the photos of projects are very small, yet when clicked, usually the picture enlarged to blurriness instead of detail, the whole reason to enlarge the picture in the first place. Also, I bought the book primarily to learn mastering beadwork crochet, and while the author's written explanation was good, she or the publisher had nowhere near enough visual illustration for this technique.

Mastering Beadwork A Comprehensive Guide to Off-Loom Techniques

So I wound up not really Great compilation of techniques. So I wound up not really knowing anymore about bead crochet than I'd already learned mastering beadwork it on the internet. I can learn any technique. That's what I learned using this book.