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So underpinning effective and inclusive digital participation will be education and especially education in the new media literacies that are required to function manifiesto edupunk in a wide range of activities on the web.

This may require a change in teaching mentality that embraces new media technology in schools. The video below will set the scene for manifiesto edupunk digital citizens for the 21st century.

Alison Pearson of Ofcom talked of the importance of media literacy and on that subject here is a fantastic resource from Ruth Howard one of the participants of a recent CritLit worldwide online course pondering the critical literacies required for the online networked learner.

A lot of links here to educators around the world that are discussing and debating manifiesto edupunk the web can foster social and informal learning.

More stuff

To wrap up i would say obviously that massive investment in kids education from manifiesto edupunk upwards is imperative. Reading and writing would be a good place to start and overcome the nonsense of kids in the UK not manifiesto edupunk able to read and write effectively as they move into teenage and adult lifefollowed by good grounding, good experience and good discussion on manifiesto edupunk to participate in a social media driven web world.

For existing adults i do believe the learndirect type centers offer good potential to develop digital and community participation.

Having worked manifiesto edupunk a similar drop-in style computer center for Stafford College many years ago - manifiesto edupunk was very effective in teaching the basic skills of computing and having a focal point in the community. Development of other online social enterprises such as those run by Stuart Parker at We Share Stuff and Comunity manifiesto edupunk Social Media Surgeries whose aim it is to take make it easier to find and run social media surgeries to support community groups, local charities and local active citizens are welcome initiatives.

Edupunk Manifesto

Albert Einstein Sigo al proceso. John Cage Lo que es real no se puede controlar.


Lo que no es real, manifiesto edupunk puede controlar. Vladimir Nobokov Ser curioso, salirse de los caminos marcados, abrirse al mundo y ser receptivo a todo lo que nos rodea puede ayudarnos a descubrir ideas que tengan el potencial de unirse y formar algo manifiesto edupunk.

Una patada en el trasero El arte cura porque tenemos que curarnos a nosotros mismos.

Mariana Salgado | Independent Researcher -

Claro, ni siquiera manifiesto edupunk profesores se libran de continuar aprendiendo. Open Learning manifiesto edupunk un esfuerzo por precisar y desarrollar estos puntos, pero no solamente eso. No todos los que se denominan verdes o empresas verdes son, claro, lo mismo. We are once again facing one of those rare turning points in history when dangerous challenges and limitless opportunities cry out for clear, long-term thinking.

The disruptive threats now facing the planet are extraordinary: