You can set up various email programs by using the IMAP or POP access and SMTP authentication to work with IBM Web Mail Cloud to view and send email. IBM Lotus Notes configures your Online (LAN) Location document automatically and sets it as the default location when you start Notes while connected to a. Configuring the Email Gateway for Lotus Notes. Now that the Domino server and Notes have been configured, you must configure the Zetafax Mail Gateway.


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You might have an existing mail file on a company server that is being transferred to your mail server in the service.

Configuring the Email Gateway for Lotus Notes

In this case, status messages display about a final replication of your mail file on the company server lotus mail configuration your mail file on the new SmartCloud Notes mail server.

Make sure that you get confirmation of a successful mail file transfer before continuing or breaking lotus mail configuration of the replication. About this task Your existing Notes client can be running or closed. The SmartCloud Notes client configuration tool launches Notes for you if it is closed.

While this Location document is active, you can send and receive mail through servers in the service, use contacts, and schedule meetings with other service users in your company.

Location documents are not used with the web client. The following procedure includes steps to download and run the client configuration tool manually.

How do I set up a LAN Notes mail server location manually?

However, you might receive a welcome email with a Configuration button that automates these steps. If you are an administrator who is trying this procedure using a new user account, and you get the error You are not authorized to access that resourcelog off, clear the cookies from lotus mail configuration browser, and then lotus mail configuration in as the new user.


In your dashboard click, click your photo and select Downloads and Setup. First shut down the Zetafax Server service or application. Start up the Zetafax configuration program.


Browse to the Server settings section, and double click the Email Gateway option: Lotus mail configuration you begin Note: If you have more than one Connections Cloud email address, you are in one of the following situations: If you select the Use My Organization's Login link on the Connections Cloud login page to log in, the email address that you enter here might be different from your Web Mail Cloud email address.

If your company has lotus mail configuration Connections Cloud subscriptions, you might have an email address for each subscription. Custom Layout - Choose from six custom layouts to specify new mail, calendar schedule, Web links, and other options to appear in a layout. Allow user to edit lotus mail configuration Home page Enable default to allow users to create custom Home pages and override any settings on the server.

Disable to prevent users from changing the administrator-prescribed Home page. Alarms Enable default to allow users to set alarms for appointments, meetings, events, and task deadlines.

Disable to prevent lotus mail configuration from setting alarms that may slow server performance.

Minimum alarm polling time Enter a number to specify how often, in minutes, the Lotus iNotes client checks the server for alarms. Default is 5 minutes.

Configuring IMAP client software

Increase this number to improve server performance. Mail Minimum mail polling time Enter a number to specify how often, in minutes, the Lotus iNotes client lotus mail configuration the server for new mail. When sending mail, set format to: Choose whether to restrict outgoing mail.


Plain text - restricts outgoing mail to plain text only. Plain text messages can be read by most legacy mail applications.