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Ted Simon's trip was one man on two wheels and the open road. It was about all the cliches of motorcycle travel - the freedom, the loneliness, the feeling of being in something rather than watching it through the TV screen that long way round the car window.


And it was wonderful. You can tell that McGregor and Boorman's trip is different just by watching the credits at the end of each episode. That's what this long way round And quite a big company. It's not just McGregor and Boorman.


There's Claudio the cameraman on-board cameras furnished by Sonic. Then there's the back-up crew, in three 4x4 long way round furnished by Mitsubishi and stuffed full of fashionable-looking TV producers, doctors and motorcycle maintenance people not very Zen though.

They've all got sat phones and GPS navigation systems, and most probably their own satellite following up above. The bikers have cameras mounted on their bikes and microphones in their helmets.

The whole thing is a massive mobile media machine with a movie star at its heart. Long way round wonder Ted Simon looks as if he wants to run away in that Ulaanbaatar market.

For all that, though, Long Way Round is actually quite good long way round. For a start, Mongolia is stunning, brown and barren. But the real joy comes from the fact that, despite all the fancy equipment - because of it, to some extent - they are totally hopeless.

Those beautiful BMW motorcycles turn out to be useless on Mongolia's non-roads, especially given all long way round heavy kit they're carrying.

Long Way Round - Episode 01

The summer runoff from the icemelt was in full flow and the bikes eventually had to be loaded onto passing long way round to be ferried across a few of the deepest rivers. The team stayed mainly in hotels while in Europe, North America, and the more long way round parts of Russia, but frequently had to camp out in Kazakhstan and Mongolia.

They arrived in New York on schedule, and rode into the city accompanied by a phalanx of bikers including McGregor's father Jim and the Orange County Choppers crew.

For the journey through Asia they were also accompanied by security advisor Sergey and doctor Vasily. The vehicles generally followed about a day behind long way round bikers, meeting them at border crossings and when circumstances required a greater degree of teamwork.

Before setting off from London, McGregor and Long way round received specialist training to prepare for the expedition.

BBC Two - Long Way Round - Episode guide

Operating within hostile and dangerous environments such as unauthorised checkpoints was covered by ex- SAS Major Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton. Long way round also covered off-road riding, the Russian language, and motorbike maintenance. They took advice from experts and embassy officials about the more remote countries they were to visit.

During the first aid training, McGregor decided they would take a doctor with them on the Siberian part of the trip, where they would be far from medical help. Researchers, dubbed "Ewan and Charley's Angels", helped get the team on the road. Claudio von Planta's mother had personally to deliver a new passport from Switzerland for her son, as Claudio did not have enough space in his for all the visa stamps.

Claudio also discovered that his Swiss motorbike licence was invalid for several of the countries, and he had to take a new test in the UK. The day long way round departure, he failed this for not checking his mirrors when changing direction, and therefore missed the start of the trip; after taking the test again and passing, he flew to Prague to join the trip.