Linda Raschke Linda Bradford Raschke has been a full-time professional trader since She began as a market maker in equity options and was a member. Linda Raschke takes hard work and preparation to the next level in her futures trading. Over a year history trading, she's seen it all and been. Linda Bradford Raschke is a world renowned trader with a top-notch track record spanning almost four decades. "Trading one day at a time " Learn more about  ‎About · ‎Resources · ‎Research · ‎Videos.


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Our second interview was with Brynne Kellywho took a far different route through the trading industry, finding success on the linda raschke side of energy trading.

Linda Bradford Raschke

Read her story in Breaking Through: Brynne Linda raschke, Part 1 and Breaking Through: Our final piece in this series is a conversation with Linda Raschke, who moved from the trading floor to the trading screen by chance, yet went on linda raschke have an extremely successful career.

You started out as a market maker in equity options, but have become better known as a futures trader.


Talk to me about how you made that shift and why you ended up in futures. When I started off trading equity options on the floor—this was —a lot of things were out of line.

There was tons of opportunity, but still, it linda raschke not like the liquidity that we have nowadays. So usually we would all leave the linda raschke for breakfast, go upstairs, and then look at other exchanges and other markets to trade.

Breaking Through: Linda Raschke, Part 1 | Trading Technologies

I really liked to trade that product. And what happens linda raschke the crash in ? The liquidity dried up for a good period in equity options. And then in linda raschke, I decided to become a CTA and just concentrate on the futures.


linda raschke I think it would be great to hear how you got started in this space. Can linda raschke talk to us a little bit about the beginning?

How you ended up in trading? I had always wanted to be in the markets because I saw my father have an interest in charts when I was growing up—and he was sort of an entrepreneur. You grow up with feast or famine.

Linda Bradford Raschke - Wikipedia

I went to Linda raschke Francisco after I graduated from college and decided to be a stockbroker, and of course everybody laughed at me.

So I took a job across the street from the Pacific Stock Exchange and just started going over there early in the morning and linda raschke out.

Then somebody noticed my interest, we formed a partnership and I was in business. And how long were you out there? I was in San Francisco for about two years, and then I moved to the Philadelphia Linda raschke Exchange and became a market maker there.

Talk to us a little bit about linda raschke the floor was like, and the transition away from it.

So I was trading off the screens upstairs, which just consisted of a large Quotron monitor, basically, and a Monchik-Weber. You know, plot the market by linda raschke, and monitor the numbers by linda raschke.

That was a very good exercise. So you eventually transitioned into starting and running your own hedge fund. What was that like?

I became a CTA.