IRISH fans are being praised by the French public again today for their behaviour at Euro The French sports daily newspaper L'Équipe has today run a. Instagram - Black Circle · VER PUBLICAÇÃO L'equipe Mag 1 · L'equipe Mag 2 · L'equipe Mag 3 · L'equipe Mag 4 · L'equipe Mag 5 · L'equipe Mag 6. Each Saturday, avid readers of the sports daily L'Equipe anxiously await the weekend insert, L'Equipe Mag. In addition to supplementing the.


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We end up talking for the better part of an hour, about influences, depression, riding buddies, and family. Most of all, we talk about how his injury and recovery have changed not just his career as a bike racer, but also his very outlook l equipe mag life.

How are you doing these days?

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Pretty good, but, you know, I did a lot of damage to myself. For one, I lost some cartilage in my knee, which causes most of the pain.

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I completely severed my patellar tendon, which they sutured back together. Things are getting better, and I try to wake up with a purpose. Just losing l equipe mag bodily mobility.

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I went through some positive times where I was ahead of schedule, and then some really bad times, like struggling with depression. I only came to grips recently that l equipe mag was okay to be sad and angry about your situation. That helps you come back out of it and be better l equipe mag next day.

So I have a different appreciation for my mobility and what I envision for myself in life. My relationship with the bike has changed completely too. I got into riding a bike as a kid and started racing when I was 15, but I really fell in love with winning.

I fell in love with being able to cross the line first with my hands up and maybe getting into the paper the next day. In high school, that was the coolest thing, getting all that attention.

And when you take that away, you realize how important a part of your life it is, and what an amazing escape it is from your head, from your world, from your surroundings, to be able to go out on a bike ride.

How did l equipe mag feel climbing Libby Hill today? Pretty good, even though I taxed myself before I even got to the bottom. You can throw out a bunch of names of people who win races all the time, but I think we have a great chance. We always show up when it comes to racing in the U. And we have a great young group of guys who all get along really well.

There are guys who respect each other, who have grown up racing against each other but are also friends. We have a cool group. I often wish we l equipe mag race on the same trade team.


Is Richmond a major objective for l equipe mag I forgot to charge my Di2 battery, so it died and I was stuck in one gear, but I was having a great time. I realized how grateful I was to be out there, to have the chance to see this course.


I had the police escort and it was just me, and as we got closer to town I felt like it was me off the front by myself in a race, getting low, l equipe mag a bit.