L'architecture romaine, vol. 2: Maisons, palais, villas et tombeaux. Paris: Éditions Picard. La Gaule Narbonnaise: de la conquête romaine au IIIème siècle. “Etruscan Architecture from the Late Orientalizing to the Archaic Period (c. – b.c.). L'architecture romaine: Du début du IIIe siècle av. J.-C. à la fin du. Review: Hadrien et l'architecture romaine by Henri Stierlin. Mary Taliaferro Boatwright. Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians Vol. 45 No. 4, Dec.,


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L architecture romaine venerable tradition and record are in part responsible for the diffused tendency to avoid general discussions addressing the larger theoretical implications, methodologies, and directions of research in the discipline.

This attitude is in sharp contrast not only with the wider field of Art History, but also with disciplines that are traditionally associated with the study of Greek and Roman Art and Architecture, like Classics and Classical Archaeology. Often l architecture romaine consider these architectural markers as "monuments" or "monumental" buildings.

Encyclopédie Larousse en ligne - art de la Rome antique

Ancient Rome, in particular, is a society recognized for l architecture romaine monumentality of its buildings. While few would deny that the term "monumental" is appropriate for ancient Roman architecture, the nature of this characterization and its development in pre-Roman Italy is rarely considered carefully.

What is "monumental" about Etruscan and early Roman architecture?


Claustra de marbre [link] Pl. Colonnade libre [link] Pl. Colonnade en portique, courbe [link] Pl. Files de piliers [link] Pl. Palmyre, Temple de Bel, enceinte.

Art de la Rome antique

Pilastres ; ordre colossal [link] Pl. Colonne, parastade, ante [link] Pl. Epidaure, Temple anonyme temple L.


Delphes, Temple en calcaire. Apollonia, bain public romain.

Roman Architecture in Provence - James C. Anderson, James C. Anderson, jr. - Google Књиге

Pilier cordiforme [link] Pl. Pilier cordiforme obtus [link] Pl. Pilier cordiforme aigu [link] Pl. Baalbek, Thalamos de Baalshamin.

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Base en tambour tronconique [link] Pl. Base en disque cylindrique sous tambour tronconique [link] Pl. Base en tore [link] Pl. Base en tore lenticulaire [link] Pl.

Monumentality in Etruscan and Early Roman Architecture: Ideology and Innovation - Google Књиге

Base samienne [link] Pl. Base attique, forme grecque [link] Pl. Base attique, forme romaine [link] Pl.

Base attique, variante [link] Pl. Base italo-occidentale [link] Pl. Bassae, temple, colonne corinthienne. Bassae, temple, colonnes ioniques.