Karl von Eckartshausen. Written and compiled by George Knowles. One of the greatest influences on theological and philosophical thought of the 18th century. Karl von Eckartshausen was a German Catholic mystic, author, and philosopher. Born in Haimhausen, Bavaria, Eckartshausen studied philosophy and Bavarian. Karl Von Eckartshausen: Magic - The Principles of Higher Knowledge - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free.


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Karl von Eckartshausen

Popular during his own time he was a prolific writer of books, papers and articles covering such subjects as: Eckartshausen was born in a Bavarian castle called Haimbhausen on the 28th June He karl von eckartshausen the illegitimate son of Count Carl of Haimbhausen and his union with the daughter of his estate overseer, Marie Anne Eckhart.

Because of this, his father used all his power and prestige to help and support his son, and took great pains to ensure he received the best of educations.

This led him to a tendency to withdraw from karl von eckartshausen world at large and seek solitude, a characteristic that endeared him to his family and friends.


Despite this early reticence, he was destined for a karl von eckartshausen of some public importance. He was first educated at the college of Munich, and in entered the University of Ingolstadt for the study of Philosophy and Law. Taught by a mainly Jesuit faculty, Eckartshausen excelled in all his studies and finished four years later with University honours and a Doctors Degree of Divinity.

His father then procured for him an honorary position as Aulic Advisor and Councilor to the karl von eckartshausen court of the emperor, the Bavarian Prince Elector, Karl Theodor.

Karl von Eckartshausen Quotes (Author of Cloud Upon the Sanctuary)

InKarl von eckartshausen was admitted karl von eckartshausen the Academy of Sciences in Munich, and applied himself to further academic studies in natural sciences. Like himself, Sterzinger was interested in the hidden meanings of Magic, Alchemy and Phenomena.

His position to high office was confirmed inwhen he was appointed to a salaried post as Censor of the Library at Munich.

As censor, he specialized in Criminology and was charged with the revision of Laws and Literature. His work helped to shape his ideals and influenced him greatly, so much so that he became a defender of the weak and suppressed.

This German translation was also included in the anonymous Rosicrucian bibliography entry karl von eckartshausen. This work by Georg von Welling about the magic kabbalah and theosophy was of great importance to the Gold- und Rosenkreuzer, a movement of Rosicrucians and Freemasons which flourished at the time.

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Considering his writings, Eckartshausen will have shared more of his ideas with the Gold- und Karl von eckartshausen than with the rival order of the Illuminaten.

This concept also occurs in the Geheime Figuren.


In Lopuchin joined the Russian branch of the order karl von eckartshausen the Gold- und Rosenkreuzer.

He was an active publisher of Russian translations of Hermetic and mystical works and to this end also set up his own free printing press. Waite, London ; and Russian edition, St. The first Russian edition appeared in Lopuchin saw the Inner Church as a means also to give a place to his masonic insights within the Outer Church.

Both Lopuchin and Eckartshausen remained members of karl von eckartshausen established churches, respectively the Russian-Orthodox and the Catholic Church. For Franz von Baader nr. Eckartshausen also used the kabbalist symbol of the holy number 4 as a unifying karl von eckartshausen.

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This work incorporates the lecture and is directed karl von eckartshausen the order of the Illuminaten and the work of Friedrich Nicolai, which, according to Eckartshausen, supported the wrong sort of enlightenment, a philosophy without religion.

For Eckartshausen, freethinking presented a danger to the people, the karl von eckartshausen and the church. Though, generally, few references to sources can be found in this work, the first volume does contain a bibliographical part pp.

In this volume Eckartshausen again writes against the Illuminaten. Eckartshausen is especially concerned here about those societies that lead away from the true and the good.