Talking Truth and Fiction in 'Frank' with Jon Ronson. A surreal film about a bandleader who wears a fake head on top of his own doesn't. A funny, sad and true story about Jon Ronson, Frank Sidebottom and other outsider musicians. In the late s Jon Ronson was the keyboard player in the Frank Sidebottom Oh Blimey Big Band. Frank wore a big fake head. Nobody outside his inner circle.


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Click here to watch Before I knew it we were onstage. As we played Jon ronson frank watched it all — the band assiduously emulating the tinny pre-programmed sounds of a cheap, children's keyboard, the enraptured audience, and Frank, the eerie cartoon-character frontman, his facial expression immobile, his singing voice a high-pitched nasal twang.

After that night — the greatest of my life — a jon ronson frank passed. Life went back to normal.

Episode 15: The Frank Story

jon ronson frank Then Mike phoned and asked if I wanted to be in Frank's band full time. So I quit college and moved to Manchester. And there I was, in the passenger seat of a Transit van flying down the M6 in the middle of the night, squeezed between the door and Frank Sidebottom.

Those were my happiest times — when Chris would mysteriously decide to just carry on being Frank. Nothing makes a young man feel more alive and on an adventure than speeding down a motorway at 2am next to a man wearing a big fake jon ronson frank.


I'd watch him furtively as the lights made his cartoon face glow yellow and then black and then yellow again. I am writing this 26 years later.

The music journalist Mick Middles recently sent me his not-yet-published biography Frank Sidebottom: Out of His Head. His book captures perfectly jon ronson frank "rarest of journeys" when an onlooker got to see the man born Chris Sievey turn into Frank.


Not merely a change in attitude or outlook but a journey from one person to the other. I completely believe that Chris was born as two jon ronson frank. I never understood why Chris sometimes kept Frank's head on for hours, even when it was only us in the van.

Frank: The True Story that Inspired the Movie

Under the head Chris would wear a swimmer's nose clip. Chris would be Frank for such long periods the clip had deformed him slightly, flattened his nose out of shape. When jon ronson frank remove the peg after a long stint I'd see him wince in pain. Frank's character was of a child in a northern town remaining assiduously immature in the face jon ronson frank adulthood.

Frank: The True Story That Inspired the Movie - Wikipedia

He was a paean to ordinariness. But Chris wasn't ordinary.

  • Frank: The True Story that Inspired the Movie by Jon Ronson
  • Frank Sidebottom: the true story of the man behind the mask

Sometimes, on the way back from some gig, I'd become aware that we were taking a detour to some house somewhere with some women jon ronson frank somehow met along the way. There would be partying while I sat outside on the sofa. In the van I'd listen to Chris's stories, trying to understand him.

He reminded me of George Bernard Shaw's unreasonable man: Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man. Like when Frank was asked to support the jon ronson frank band Bros at Wembley.

Frank Sidebottom: the true story of the man behind the mask | Culture | The Guardian

There were 50, people in the crowd. This was jon ronson frank huge stage for Frank — his biggest ever, by about 49, people. It was his chance to break through to the mainstream.


But instead he chose to perform a series of terrible Bros cover versions for five minutes and was bottled off.