Efflagitasti cotidiano convicio, ut libros, quos ad Marcellum meum de Institutione oratoria scripseram iam emittere inciperem. Nam ipse eos. Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. Public domain books belong to the public and we. Institutio Oratoria (English: Institutes of Oratory) is a twelve-volume textbook on the theory and practice of rhetoric by Roman rhetorician Quintilian.‎Introduction · ‎Contents overview · ‎On rhetoric · ‎On education.


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But by Quintilian's time, the current of popular taste in oratory was rife with what has been called "silver Latin," a style that favored ornate embellishment over clarity and precision. This relates to his discussion of nature institutione oratoria art.

Quintilian evidently preferred the natural, especially in language, and disliked the excessive ornamentation popular in the style of his contemporaries. Deviating from natural language and the natural order of thought in pursuit of an over-elaborate style created confusion in both the institutione oratoria and institutione oratoria audience.

De Institutione Oratoria by Quintilian

Institutio Oratoria is effectively a comprehensive textbook of the technical aspects of rhetoric. From the eleventh chapter of Book II to the end of Book XI, Quintilian covers such topics as natural order, the relation institutione oratoria nature and art, invention, proof, emotion, and language.

Perhaps most influential among the ideas discussed is his examination of tropes and institutione oratoriafound in Books 8 and 9.


A figure, on the other hand, gives the words a new aspect or greater emotional value. A good part of this work, of course, deals with the technical aspects of rhetoric and the Institutio Oratoria stands — along with Aristotle 's 'Rhetoric' and Cicero's works — as one of the ancient world's greatest works on rhetoric.

He organizes the practice of oratory into five canons: For each canon, particularly the first three, he provides a thorough exposition of all the elements that must be mastered and considered in developing and presenting arguments.

The thorough and sensible presentation reflect his long experience as orator and teacher, and in many ways the work can institutione oratoria seen as the culmination of Greek and Roman rhetorical theory.

Throughout these and other discussions, Quintilian remains concerned with the practical, applicable aspect, rather than the theoretical. The referential use of a word was always the primary meaning, institutione oratoria the use of figurative language was merely an addition to it, not a replacement for it.

Book I of Institutio Oratoria discusses at length the proper method of training an orator, virtually from birth.

Institutio Oratoria - Wikipedia

His theory of education is one area in which Quintilian differs from Cicero. Cicero called for a broad, general education; Quintilian was more focused. Quintilian also presents a wide review of suitable literary examples, and this work is institutione oratoria an important work of literary criticism.

While he clearly favors certain writers, his fairness is notable, as even writers, such as Sallustan influential practitioner of the sort of style institutione oratoria Quintilian opposed, are afforded some consideration.

De Institutione Oratoria

Above all, Quintilian holds up Institutione oratoria as an example of a great writer and orator. Quintilian discusses many issues of education that are still relevant today.

He believed that education should be begun early, as mentioned above, but also that it should be pleasurable for the child. He also examines the various pros and cons of public schooling versus homeschoolingeventually coming out in favour of public institutione oratoria, so long as it is a good school.

His view institutione oratoria that in public schools students can learn institutione oratoria what is taught to and praised and censured in their peers in the group instead of only those things directed entirely at themselves.

Laughter, wit, and humour.

Institutio oratoria

institutione oratoria The letter of the law and intention. Relation of various status or bases. Each case must be considered on its merits. Rules not possible for every case.

  • Institutio oratoria | work by Quintilian |
  • Quintilian - Institutio Oratoria
  • The Translator's Notes:

Stylistic ornament; merits and faults. General reflexions and their value in oratory.

LacusCurtius • Quintilian — Institutio Oratoria — Book V, Chapters 13‑14

Figures of thought and speech. Figures of thought considered in detail. Figures of speech institutione oratoria in detail.

Artistic structure and rhythm; metrical feet and their appropriate employment.