“No one writes about stories like Pat Rothfuss. How the right story at the right time can change the world, how the teller can shape a life.” —Lin-Manuel Miranda.‎The Reviews · ‎Excerpt · ‎The Wise Man's Fear · ‎The World. But The Name Of The Wind is so much more—for the story it tells reveals the truth behind Kvothe's legend. Known for his earlys trilogy. The book is called The Name of the Wind, and it is written by a new author, Patrick Rothfuss. This also had me a little worried, as I am becoming more and more.


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I'm so impressed, and so in love, I can't begin to describe it.


But I can try to give you a feel for the book, if I can figure out where to start and how to do justice to this masterpiece. Kvothe pronounced like "Quothe" is a world-renowned figure of mystery with a disreputable reputation - a hero or a This is why I love fantasy so much.

Kvothe pronounced like "Quothe" is in the name of the wind world-renowned figure of mystery with a disreputable reputation - a hero or a demon depending on which stories you hear. The real man has hidden himself away at an inn in the middle of nowhere with his apprentice Bast - we know not why in the name of the wind and it's not until the Chronicler discovers him there that he shows any interest in reliving his past life.

Patrick Rothfuss - The Books

Insisting that his story will take three days to tell, and that the famous chronicler must write it in the name of the wind exactly as he tells it, he begins to share his story: It's not until he's fifteen that he makes it to the University, and is accepted, in the name of the wind he's three years younger than is usual.

Abenthy has taught him well, and combined with his impressive memory, natural talent, quick intelligence and training, he moves quickly up the ranks of the university. There are many adventures and mishaps along the way, and while some plotlines come to a tidy end at the close of this novel, over-arching plotlines and themes have been given a solid foundation to continue on into the next books.

It took a surprisingly long time for me to realise the connection between the number of days he will take to tell his story, and that this is "Day One" in the trilogy - it's told over the course of the first day.

The only thing is, he's young yet Chronicler judges him to be about 25, though at times he looks infintely olderand there are things happening in "real time" that intrude upon the story, that will need to be resolved I think - so while I have every confidence Rothfuss has excellent control over his creation, I would love more than three books: I can't think of the last time I was this impressed by any story, let alone a fantasy novel.

I won't compare it to bloody George R. In the name of the wind like everyone in the name of the wind is doing because I don't see that they have anything in common, really - one is a work of pure genius and the other is utter crap.

Comparing them only heightens my dislike of A Game of Thrones.

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  • The Name of the Wind: Patrick Rothfuss: : Books
  • The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss
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In truth, it's simply a marketing strategy to compare new books to ones that are already really popular, in order to draw in a well-established audience. This is an epic fantasy - epic in scope - but it's also a bildungsroman, a story of a person's life, a life journey including the quiet momentswhich I love.


The character development is ludicrously good. The world-building is solid, believable and original - there're enough new elements to keep your interest, but not so many that you get confused and overwhelmed: The twelve-year-old Kvothe is on the point of being killed by the Chandrian named Cinder when their leader, Lord Haliax, pressures them to depart due to the approach in the name of the wind some mysterious enemies of theirs.

The heavily traumatized Kvothe, alive but all alone, spends three years in the slums of the city of Tarbean as a beggar and pickpocket.

The Name of the Wind - Wikipedia

He is nudged out of this life by hearing a story-teller recount a story of how the hero Lanre became a renegade after the death of his beloved wife, went in the name of the wind to the evil forces he had fought and destroyed the cities with whose protection he was charged—and then changed his name and became himself the fearsome Lord Haliax of the Chandrian.

Before Kvothe could ask more, the story-teller is arrested by the dominant Church, on charges of heresy. This world has a religion similar, though not identical, to Medieval Christianity.

In order to find more, Kvothe is determined to get into in the name of the wind University there seems to be only one in this worldwhose vast Archives include all kinds of accumulated knowledge, including, presumably, also on the Chandrian. Having with great effort obtained some minimal funds for clothing and travelling, he sets out.

The Name of the Wind

En route Kvothe becomes enamored with a talented young woman known as Denna, who is a musician like Kvothe. Kvothe enters the University despite his lack of tuition funds, and performs admirably as a student, but faces continuous poverty and rivalries with the wealthy student Ambrose and the arrogant Master Hemme, who sees that Kvothe receives lashing for alleged misbehaviour.

A trick by Ambrose causes Kvothe to be in the name of the wind from the Archives, hampering his research on the Chandrian, though he does very well in other fields of study, advancing extremely fast in academic degrees and gaining some loyal friends. Kvothe buys a lute despite his poverty, and performs brilliantly at a famous musical tavern to earn money, where he also befriends Denna again.