Shri in and the Padma Bhushan in UPSC MAIN – Paper – II 1. Answer any 18 G.S. IAS (Main) Solved Paper – I. Here in this article, we are providing UPSC Mains question papers for all Optional subjects. We are providing both paper1 and paper2 of all UPSC optional. Official Cut-off of Prelims As Disclosed By UPSC Official Answer Keys – Prelims (UPSC Civil Services ) 2) CSP PAPER-II.


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The conference programme will include workshops, special sessions and tutorials, along with prominent keynote speakers and regular paper presentations in parallel tracks.

Naan is the bread made in tandoor Hot furnace while Qalia is a mixture of mutton and various spices. Tahri or Tahari is similar to pulao — Biryani and ias 2012 paper very popular in Aurangabad and Marathwada.

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Tahri is prepared by adding the meat to ias 2012 paper rice, as opposed to traditional Biryani where the rice is added to the meat.

Aurangabad is home to the national bandy association. Himru is an age-old weaving craft, and was originally known as kum khuab.

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The fabric is said to have originated in Persia, though ias 2012 paper conclusively proved, Himroo is associated with the times of Mohammad Tughlaq who ruled in the 14th century. When Mohammad Tughlaq shifted his capital from Ias 2012 paper to Daulatabad many weavers came and settled here.

Finding effective ways to protect information systems, networks and sensitive data within the critical information infrastructure is challenging even with the most advanced technology and trained professionals.


ias 2012 paper The shafts were L-shaped, with a horizontal chamber for the test device. The tests were underground, but due to a number ias 2012 paper shaft seal failures that had occurred during tests conducted by the United States, the Soviet Unionand the United Kingdom, the sealing of the shaft could not be guaranteed to be leak-proof.

By early afternoon, the winds had died down and the test sequence was initiated. Santhanam of the DRDO, in charge of the test site preparations, gave the two keys that activated the test countdown to Dr.

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Vasudev, the range safety officer, who ias 2012 paper responsible for verifying that all test indicators were normal. Shakti III — An experimental linear implosion design that used "non- weapon grade " [18] plutonium, but which likely omitted the material required for fusion, yielding 0.

Shakti IV- A 0.