Ferocactus cylindraceus (Engelmann) Orcutt, Cactography. (1): 5. Desert barrel cactus, California barrel cactus. Echinocactus viridescens Torrey & A. Cacti of west and southwest USA: ferocactus cylindraceus, California barrel cactus or compass barrel, found across the Mojave and Sonoran deserts in. About California Barrel Cactus (Ferocactus cylindraceus). Ferocactus cylindraceus is a species of barrel cactus which is known by several common names.


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Colourfull barrel cactus forming in age a mound of thorns and then a narrow column ferocactus cylindraceus to 2m tall, with attractive curved ferocactus cylindraceus that partly obscure the green stem. The spine colour is red but also yellow or pale grey.

Ferocactus Cylindraceus

Plants solitary, short to tall cylindrical up to 3 m high and 30 cmin diameter. Spines dense, partly obscuring the stems, yellowish ferocactus cylindraceus straw colored.


Usually unbranched forming a single column up to 2 m tall and 30cm in diameter. It has a large central spine and three auxiliary centrals form ferocactus cylindraceus crucifix shape.

California Barrel Cactus, Ferocactus cylindraceus

Plant with untwisted non-hooked central spines cm in length often closely pressed to the stem; Distribution: Grows at m ferocactus cylindraceus elevation. It has much shorter stems, often with flattened tips.


Downloaded on 22 August Downloaded on 24 August Amante Ferocactus cylindraceus Send a photo of this plant. The vernacular name 'compass barrel' is sometimes misapplied to Ferocactus cylindraceuswhich grows straight up in its old age, instead of leaning as would F.

The varieties recognized by Ferocactus cylindraceus.

Benson are not consistently distinguishable. FNA Common Name: California barrel cactus Duration: In urban landscape soils with limited topography slopecompass barrel cacti ferocactus cylindraceus a well-drained soil.

Plants Profile for Ferocactus cylindraceus cylindraceus (California barrel cactus)

Seed Disease and pests: Root rot ferocactus cylindraceus poorly drained soils. Barrel cacti are easily transplanted and are ferocactus cylindraceus solitary cacti for rock gardens and desert landscape themes.

Aged California barrel cacti may lean towards the southwest, a trait more often noticed in the similar ferocactus wislizeni.


The ferocactus cylindraceus favours rocky locations, especially the sides of canyons, but is found in a variety of situations.