De la asignatura Ecuaciones Diferenciales para los alumnos que la cursan en la facultad de ingeniería cuaderno de ejercicios de ecuaciones diferenciales. Ecuaciones diferenciales. Front Cover. Isabel Carmona Jover. Editorial Alhambra Mexicana Bibliographic information. QR code for Ecuaciones diferenciales. Información sobre el Seminario de Ecuaciones Diferenciales. del ciclo "One Day Partial Differential Equations" organizado por David Arcoya y José Carmona.


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Normalmente enviamos dos anuncios antes de cada charla. Multi-agent systems in nature oftentimes exhibit emergent behaviour, i.

PDF: Ejercicios resueltos de ecuaciones diferenciales Download ( Pages | Free )

We present a non-local two-species cross-interaction system of partial differential equations with cross-diffusion and explore its long-time behaviour.

One of the most fascinating real world applications of this model are zebrafish with their black and yellow pigment cells whose interspecific and intraspecific interactions lead to the characteristic stripe pattern formation. Charlas anteriores Lunes 12 de noviembre de This is a ecuaciones diferenciales carmona work with M.

Wei that can be ecuaciones diferenciales carmona at arxiv.

Seminario de Ecuaciones Diferenciales

Lunes 15 de octubre de The framework of mixture theory allows describing complex systems of heterogeneous fluids at ecuaciones diferenciales carmona mesoscale which is an intermediary scale between micro and macro.

This formalism generalises Euler equations and uses partial differential equations ecuaciones diferenciales carmona model multicomponent fluids. Therefore, mixture theory is particularly well adapted to describe complex biological ecosystems such as photosynthetic microalgae biofilm and gut microbiota ecology.

The ecuaciones diferenciales carmona of the talk will be to introduce mixture theory formalisms and then present these two applications. In both cases, the context and issues will be specified.

PDF: Ejercicios resueltos de ecuaciones diferenciales

Eventually, the numerical schemes and simulations will be commented. Lunes 24 de septiembre de For variational monotone recurrence relations we know from the Aubry-Mather theory the existence and properties of foliation or lamination consisting of Birkhoff solutions.

In this talk, we discuss for the general monotone recurrence relations the existence of Birkhoff solutions and implications of non-Birkhoff solutions. Viernes 8 de junio de As a branch of mathematics, fractional calculus is a generalization of differentiation and integration to arbitrary non-integer orders.

The concept of fractional-order calculus can be traced to the early work of Leibniz and L'Hospital inbut it has attracted lots of attention from physicians and engineers in recent years. Many systems in in- terdisciplinary fields can be accurately modelled by fractional-order differential equations, such as viscoelastic systems, dielectric polariza- tion, quantitative finance, nonlinear oscillation of earthquakes, robotic manipulating systems, muscular blood vessel model, hydrologic models and so on.

In this talk, I will discuss about Riemann-Liouville differential and integral operators and Caputo fractional derivative. Then, I will talk about fractional-order dynamical systems defined by differential operators of Caputo type. Lunes 4 de junio de Sala de Conferencias de la Facultad de Ciencias.

And also give results of existence and multiplicity of similar problems, such that fractional laplacian problem, homogeneous problem and a concave perturbation of the above problem.

Viernes 18 de ecuaciones diferenciales carmona de Umida Baltaeva National University of Uzbekistan Boundary value problems for a third-order loaded differential equation with the parabolic-hyperbolic operator. I will discuss the ecuaciones diferenciales carmona value problems for the loaded differential equations associated with nonlocal boundary value problems for classical partial differential equations.


In our investigations we formulate the main boundary ecuaciones diferenciales carmona problems such as the Tricomi, Darboux and their generalizations, and well-posed new boundary value problems for the linear loaded differential and integro-differential equations of the third order, with the classic and mixed operators.

Lunes 14 de mayo de Pilar Guerrero University College London Coarse-graining and hybrid methods for efficient simulation of stochastic multi-scale models of tumour growth.

The development of hybrid methodologies is of current interest in both multi-scale modelling and stochastic reaction-diffusion systems ecuaciones diferenciales carmona their applications to biology. We formulate a hybrid method for stochastic multi-scale models of cells populations that extends the remit of existing hybrid methods for reaction-diffusion systems.