ECOWAS Treaty . Weight is given to this issue in the treaty (alongside other key policy areas, such as economic integration), as article 58 clearly. ECOWAS Member States to eradicate corruption and adopt measures for combating “Treaty” means the revised ECOWAS Treaty dated 24 July and. Articles 6(e) and 15(1–4) of the ECOWAS Revised Treaty provide for the establishment of a Court of Justice of the Community.


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Regional analysts believe that such a move would be divisive and strongly opposed by the CFA members.

International Democracy Watch

Ecowas treaty 1993 achieving independence most of these countries also had a colonial economy based on the production and export of primary commodities. Subsequently, they lacked the impetus for intraregional trade.


A persistent destabilization of commodity prices and disparities in the economic development of ECOWAS countries are other problems left over from colonial rule. The resultant tax revenue is used to help alleviate balance-of-payment problems. At the summit ECOWAS chairman Sani Abacha failed to muster support for an armed intervention against the "gang of soldiers" that overthrew the democratically elected government of Sierre Leone.

Abacha himself, however, came to power as the result of a coup as had 12 of the 16 Ecowas treaty 1993 leaders at the time and refuses to allow elections. Another division in ECOWAS exists between those countries with agricultural and labor-intensive economies and ecowas treaty 1993 countries with more advanced stages of economic development.

If implemented, however, this policy could prove ecowas treaty 1993 be a boon to poor countries with pools of cheap labor, such as Ghana and Burkina Faso, while harming relatively richer countries, such as Nigeria and Ivory Coast.

This dynamic was evident in when Nigeria expelled Ghanian workers believing they were undercutting the wage structure of Nigerian citizens. It was set up to provide compensation to member states that have suffered economic losses as a direct result of ECOWAS policy.

It obtains compensation funds from a variety of sources including contributions from member states based on their economic resources, income from ECOWAS enterprises, and funds from bilateral and multilateral sources.

Revised Treaty of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)

By signing the revised treaty member states reaffirmed the Treaty establishing the Economic Community of West African States signed in Lagos on 28 May, and considered its achievements.

The member states were conscious of the over-riding need to encourage, foster and accelerate the economic and social development of member States in order to improve the living standards of the peoples.

Ecowas treaty 1993 have been initiated for a regional railway master plan. It promises to enhance the ecowas treaty 1993 powers of the organization and, in effect, introduce a new legal regime.

The Commission is to take off in January Under pressure from France, CAR returned fully to the fold. Chad was to return much later. The Treaty identifies the four community institutions as follows: Each national delegation should have no more than three members and shall have but one vote.

It is composed of two Ministers per Member State with the Minister of Finance as head of the delegation.