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Father Tongue and Mother Tongue in Elias Canetti's ?Die Gerettete Zunge''

European Journal of Life Writing. The article discusses research perspectives in the study of Russian pre-modern first-person writings that are commonly called autobiographies. The article argues that re-questioning of early Russian autobiographical writings is prompted by some recent important changes die gerettete zunge the humanities and social sciences and by some insights from historians die gerettete zunge literary scholars that study first-person texts of the Western tradition.


The second part of the article is die gerettete zunge case-study that examines one autobiographical text, The Life Zhitie of monk Epifanii? The analysis of this representation is conducted in relation to concrete social and political contexts of the text. The study concludes that contextualizing pre-modern first-person narratives as social activities embedded in historically specific reality helps in better die gerettete zunge of their meanings.


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Die gerettete Zunge : Geschichte einer Jugend / Elias Canetti - Details - Trove

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