Recently published articles from Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice. Gender differences of visceral fat area for predicting incident type 2 diabetes in. In this article, we will describe these activities and their impact on the field of diabetes research, prevention, care, and public health. An external. The goal of our investigation was to identify the most frequently cited articles that describe the advances in diabetes research. While the value of citation.


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There is a paucity of literature concerning top article citations in diabetes.

Anatomy of success: 100 most cited articles in diabetes research

The main objective of this investigation was to bridge this gap and to provide readers with a practical guide in evaluating diabetes diabetes research articles. Scopus Library was searched to determine the citations of all published diabetes articles.

Two databases were used to extract citations. We did not apply any time restriction in our search. The top cited articles were selected and analyzed by two independent investigators. We extracted immediacy index from ResearchGate.

The journal with the highest number of top cited articles was Diabetes research articles New England Journal of Medicine with 23, followed by 22 in Diabetes Care. The top article on the list received 17, citations.

Anatomy of success: most cited articles in diabetes research

The United States had the highest number of articles Our analysis provides an insight on the citation frequency of top cited articles published in diabetes to help diabetes research articles the quality of diabetes research articles works, discoveries and the trends steering the study of diabetes.

While previous reports projected an increase in the total number of people with diabetes from million in to million by [ Lago et al. Thus, diabetes represents a formidable economic burden on US healthcare due to increased health resource use and lost productivity.

The goal of our investigation was to identify the most frequently cited articles that describe the advances in diabetes research.

The American Diabetes Association Diabetes Research Perspective

Diabetes research articles the value of citation rates has been debated, analysis of citation frequency can be valuable in identifying important issues and discoveries within the medical realm. Hence, a bibliometric analysis of scientific literature may be used to identify the impact of influential scholarly work, subjects, authors, etc.

While various journals provide statistics of their own publications, we did not encounter an across-the-board bibliometric analysis of diabetes research.

Therefore, we present the findings of diabetes research articles bibliometric analysis intended to assess important characteristics of the most cited articles that focused on diabetes.

Methods In Decemberwe used the Scopus Library database www. The articles identified by these search terms were accessed and reviewed online through the NIH library.

In cases where electronic copies were unavailable, hard copies were sought from the interlibrary loan service.


The list of articles identified was exported into a spreadsheet and cross-referenced with Google Diabetes research articles to ensure an accurate count of citations obtained from Scopus.

Clinical studies of diabetes were included in the investigation. However, to maintain focus on diabetes research, articles with a primary focus on a single disease other than diabetes were excluded. Also, articles that focused on blood glucose measurement studies, epidemiological or observational cohorts of blood glucose variations linked with diabetes research articles diseases, exercise and sleep were excluded.

Using the modified approach of the methods used by Lim and colleagues [ Lim et al. Observational studies included case-control studies, cohort studies and case series.

Randomized clinical trials included both single and double-blind studies. The immediacy index was obtained using ResearchGate www.

The American Diabetes Association Diabetes Research Perspective

Using the Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient, we evaluated the strength and direction of the linear relationship between the impact factor of the journal and the number of top cited articles included in the list. Data are presented as medians and interquartile ranges. Results The number of diabetes research articles for the top cited articles ranged from to 17, Table 1.