From award-winning historian Mark Mazower, Dark Continent: Europe's Twentieth Century retells the story of a century of division, charting the. Dark Continent: Europe's Twentieth Century eBook: Mark Mazower: : Loja Kindle. Mazower has written a timely book dissecting the notion of Europe" just as the EU launches its Dark Continent: Europe's Twentieth Century. by Mark Mazower.


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To interject what some regard as a 'British dimension' dark continent mark mazower comment for a moment, Mazower is never in doubt about the central historical dark continent mark mazower of both the rise of Fascism and the Second World War.

Not for him any sympathy with Bernadetto Croce's assertion that Fascism was a mere parenthesis in the history of Italy - what post-war Italians and even post-war Germans might subsequently have described as an ephemeral aberration or perhaps an uncharacteristic 'moment of madness'.

Dark Continent: Europe's Twentieth Century (English Edition) - eBooks em Inglês na

Condemning but not scape-goating Germany, Mazower is also rightly insistent on highlighting the prevalence of consensus and collaboration at different levels over resistance and partisanship across the Nazi Neuordnung.

Nor does Mazower have any truck with contemporary 'de-emphasising' of the impact of the Second World War Dark continent mark mazower Naumann, the German Minister of Culture, may have recently accused the British of an unhealthy cultish obsession with the Second World War, ostensibly an oddity given the relatively low British casualty dark continent mark mazower.

Mazower would certainly be among the last to subscribe to any future not-mentioning-the-war Basil Fawlty school of twentieth-century history. To turn abruptly from low farce to high tragedy, dark continent mark mazower graphic description of the almost Apocalyptic demographic damage and displacement of the crucial decade of the s is a related highpoint of Mazower's narrative.

To offer a searing indictment of the Jewish Holocaust is as emotionally shocking as it dark continent mark mazower historically necessary but Mazower shows commendable restraint and exemplary objectivity: What may be termed the demographic dimension is invariably superbly covered throughout Mazower's book, with a special regard for the plight of national and religious minorities in an era of ethnic cleansing.

Dark Continent

It could, nevertheless, be argued that his sensitivity lets him down over the 'gypsies'. To refer to the Rom by their pejorative - if time-dishonoured - exonym is offensive enough; but repeatedly not capitalising 'Gypsy' as on pages 32, 41, 53, 99 and and therefore implying membership of an inferior national category only dark continent mark mazower gratuitous insult to massive if not quite Jewish-scale wartime injury.

The book has dark continent mark mazower failings - but not vices - as well as manifest strengths and virtues.

While strong on 'low culture' and prolific in his provision of contemporary quotations illustrating the mentalites of changing European society, Mazower is weak on the 'high' or 'classic' culture of literature, music and art.

The diplomatic dimension of international, especially Great Power relations is distinctly low-key. The associated military dimension also figures rarely and meagrely: More generally, the account dark continent mark mazower long on balance but much shorter on personalities, very far from the sub-Carlyle concept of history as 'the collected biographies of great men'.

Democracy as an Aberration

dark continent mark mazower Similarly, the emphasis is on historical process, not historical events: Perhaps it is significant that the book contains no illustrations other than the admittedly powerful and rather shocking dust-cover photograph of a woman member of the British Union of Fascists brandishing a swastika-centred Union Jack.

Where other histories of the twentieth century make a feature of sets of contemporary photographs notably Hobsbawm's Age of ExtremesMazower's conscious emphasis on the essentially unpictorial and unfilmable, even invisible processes of socio-economic development renders illustrations inappropriate, distracting and even irrelevant.

This point raises the question of dark continent mark mazower projected readership for the book.

Dark Continent is not really academic history since it makes no claim to utilise hitherto unavailable sources to illuminate hitherto-neglected historical episodes unlike Mazower's earlier Inside Hitler's Greece. Neither is the book dark continent mark mazower history, since it implicitly presupposes at least a basic knowledge of the events and developments of twentieth-century Europe yet plays down the historical elements of personality and drama.

In this respect, Dark Continent could not, for example, be recommended as a first-year student textbook, though its value to brighter students later in their undergraduate careers is indisputable.

Positioned midway between academic and popular history, which do not necessarily represent two stools between which to fall, the book might be most conveniently characterised as accessible 'serious' dark continent mark mazower.

Dark Continent: Europe's Twentieth Century

It has already been remarked that the last fifty years receive. The quality of the coverage for the later twentieth century also lacks the authority and verve of the earlier chapters.

The decolonisation of overseas empire, surely a grand theme of post-war western Dark continent mark mazower rates barely a mention. Mazower promises much with such early sardonic remarks as 'communism turned out dark continent mark mazower be the last, and perhaps the highest, stage of imperialism' p.