Kant, “Jewish Inscriptions in Greek and Latin,” 41 Garland, Greek Way, ; cf. Cumont, Lux perpetua, 24– 42 Anth. Pal. 7,; cf. also 7, 43 Cumont. Comptes-Rendus de l'Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres. Fr. Cumont, Lux Perpetua, Paris Fr. Cumont, Die Mysterien des Mithra, Leipzig *. Lux Perpetua. By: Cumont, Franz. Price: $ Quantity: 1 available. Add | $ Title: Lux Perpetua. Author Name: Cumont, Franz. Categories: Language.


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Hinnells, Mithraic Studies, 2 vols. Jacques Duchesne-Guillemin Originally Published: December 15, Last Updated: November 2, This article is available in print.

Bryn Mawr Classical Review

This new edition offers a new historical-critical introduction, discussing the intellectual climate in which the book originated and its reception by generations of scholars.

In November the Academia Belgica in Rome hosted a conference on Les religions orientales dans le paganisme romain: The cumont lux perpetua of this conference will appear shortly in the series of the Belgian Historical Institute in Romeedited by Corinne Bonnet, Vinciane Pirenne-Delforge and Danny Praet, entitled Les religions orientales dans le monde grec et romain: Bilan historique et historiographique.

Actes du colloque de Rome, The new edition of Les religions orientales was the first cumont lux perpetua of a much larger project of editing the collected works by Franz Cumont.

This project, initiated by Walter Geerts, the director of the Academia Belgica in Rome, where the personal archives of Cumont are kept, and cumont lux perpetua Corinne Bonnet, who had, for many years, been studying the work and the correspondence by Cumont from the viewpoint of his position within the Cumont lux perpetua of his time.

The Bibliotheca Cumontiana will also offer a selection of the articles published by Cumont, which for the first time will be collected and published in thematic volumes, with new introductions on the context in which they were written.

CUMONT, FRANZ VALÉRY MARIE – Encyclopaedia Iranica

The new edition of the collected papers by Cumont is planned in seven thematic volumes and to the preparation of this subseries Ghent University has committed itself. But in the course of preparing the edition of the collected papers, the Ghent team did make scans of all the Scripta Minora and put them into a database: All these scans are offered here in pdf, but in view of cumont lux perpetua Belgian legislation on copyright banning open access until 70 years cumont lux perpetua the death of the author the scans can not be offered in completely open access.

Therefore anyone interested in these scans cumont lux perpetua obtain a login and a password by writing to Danny Praet at the following address: The database allows one to search the scripta minora by Cumont in several ways: One should bear in mind that Cumont published in various languages French, but also German, English,… and that the spelling in titles can even differ within the same language!


Astrology and Religion Among the Greeks and Cumont lux perpetua available in a Dover reprint After his death, critics of his interpretation of Cumont lux perpetua as the descendant of the Iranian deity Mithra began to be heard, and surfaced at the First International Congress of Mithraic Studies in Manchester England, Modern interpretation of Mithras as the astronomical bull-slayer have continued to move away from Cumont's interpretations, though his documentation remains valuable.

In the Royal Library, Brussels, observed the fiftieth anniversary of Cumont's death appropriately, with a colloquium on syncretism in the Mediterranean world of Antiquity.

In the Belgian publisher Brepols started an edition of Cumont's collected works. Scripta Maiora et Scripta Minora, ed.