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It was March 14I was a pilot for Spantax at the time, for some 7 cronicas de magonia as a co-pilot, and the flight was from Las Palmas to Villa Cisneros. The entire flight went without incident until we reached the vicinity of Villa.


Then we were about to start our descent, and looking to our left we saw a light descending at the same angle of descent as our plane, matching cronicas de magonia speed. At that time I remarked to the commander if he wanted me to ask Villa Cisneros Tower of the traffic we had in sight.

We thought it was another plane.

So we contacted Villa Cisneros and told them that to our left we had some traffic, cronicas de magonia could we please receive some information about it. A few seconds went by, and Villa Cisneros answered that there was no traffic reported in that area.

El telescopio 'WISE' de la NASA no ve ni rastro del planeta X - Magonia

We were startled, and immediately following, the light that descended with us at an angle that was perhaps degrees, ascended at a degree angle and took off with an emanation, losing itself in cronicas de magonia. There were no clouds, it was a very clear night, and it became lost from sight.

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So we discussed it with the Iberia field officer, and then with a military doctor from the legion, who was a big fan of astronomy. They joked with us and such, but time went by, the layover had cronicas de magonia, passengers boarded the plane for the return trip.


We rolled toward the end of the runway, lined up for takeoff, requested authorization from the tower, received it, and we took off. They watched the cronicas de magonia from the airport with binoculars, consulted with the doctor who was an astronomy fan, and they all said that it was nothing known cronicas de magonia the time, because as it flew low over the airport, it made no engine sound.

She maps the connection between literary reading and the development of cultural citizenship in Latin America, with municipalities, cultural centers, and groups cronicas de magonia ordinary citizens harnessing reading as an activity both social and literary.

His apartment was a horrifying mess, and his friends cronicas de magonia a lot of time into trying to help clean it up, usually in vain.


After his death, we salvaged what we could. Our consultant Andres Duarte has examined the existing information, as well as the original photo, and he has found several inconsistencies both in the reported data and the image. Firstly, the picture received from Skinner is 90x90 mm, but Keel said he received a contact cronicas de magonia, and a contact print of a film is 56 mm high, this conveys doubts about whether the submitted photograph cronicas de magonia really the original or not.

This discrepancy in the angle of illumination is important. But, in addition, Duarte explains the following: If the height of the being is 3.

Therefore there is a major error in the height-to-distance ratio. The UFO in the cronicas de magonia appears with a diameter of 0.

The height-to-distance ratio indicated for the humanoid is 3. Then the apparent relative size of humanoid to UFO should be 0.

Luis Alfonso Gámez (Author of Crónicas de Magonia)

This inconsistency is too glaring; according to the reported data the being should appear smaller than the UFO despite being closer, but in the picture the being is much bigger than the UFO. Assuming that Ronnie took the picture standing up and had a stature of 1.

Cronicas de magonia are several very remarkable inconsistencies. In spite of this, the FSR article says: Firstly, the scene viewed from the side, a lateral view: And now the image the witness should have had before their cronicas de magonia, if the distances and dimensions provided were correct: Actual view if reported data were right.