Thanks lisa, Your site is fantastic I read through the beginner's guide to refresh myself last week and really enjoyed it. Your blog. This can happen to your eBook just as quickly and simply as it happens with If there are already , eBooks focused on cake decorating, the niche is no. Lorelie's baking and cake decorating books providing home bakers with a internet looking for wedding cake “how to” books I came across Lorelie's e-books.


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Baking and Cake Decorating Books by Lorelie

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Have you ever wondered how to make cake decorating ebook decorated cakes, cupcakes and cookies? Learn how with this exciting free eBook, Cake Decorating Ideas!

Pieces of coloured icing cut into irregular shapes are patched together with a stitching effect created using a sugarcrafting tool.

Baking with the Cake Boss eBook by Buddy Valastro | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Each piece of coloured icing is then decorated with a different motif — spots, cake decorating ebook, hearts, triangles and flowers. The combination of round and square tiers provides extra interest, with the large satin bow adding a softening touch.

  • 9 cupcake, cookie, mini cake, fondant fancy and celebration cake designs
  • Baking with the Cake Boss

Mad Hatter Cake In the next chapter, A Birthday In Technicolour, you will learn to capture the party spirit and set the scene for fun and games. Big and bold, almost neon-coloured streamers are the main feature of this cake design, which stand out beautifully against the chocolate-coloured cake.

This is your chance to run cake decorating ebook and have fun making these extraordinary confections, which are just as appealing to adults as children.

Professional Cake Decorating - VALNet - OverDrive

All you need is this free eBook and your sugarpaste tools. Cake Decorating Ideas 9 cupcake, cookie, mini cake, fondant fancy and celebration cake designs Learn how to beautiful cakes, cupcakes, mini cake decorating ebook and cookies with this collection of 9 free cake decorating projects.

If you are new to cake decorating, learning new techniques, or love to impress on every occasion, you are sure to love this eBook. Along with this free eBook collection, you will also gain membership to our cake decorating ebook community of people who actively enjoy a creative lifestyle, just like you.

Set your cakes and cookies to cool and download this free eBook now to get started. All three of these themed chapters are perfect for any party or get-together.

Download your free Cake Decorating cake decorating ebook of 9 beautiful sugarcrafting ideas and projects and make amazing sweet treats for all of your loved ones.

All you need to get started decorating mouth-watering cakes and cookies is this free Cake decorating ebook Decorating Ideas eBook, and a few tools of the sugarcraft trade.


Get great tips on how to complete the theme with suggestions on how to tie each theme together.