Here is a summary of some of the changes to both rules and components that are being made in [thing=][i][b]Eclipse: Second Dawn for. They are not willing to negotiate. Eclipse: Rise of the Ancients, the first full-size expansion for Eclipse, introduces several new additions to the base game, such. 6, Eclipse – Cataclysm of the Monoliths: a two-player cooperative variant. by geofg Fri Jun 15 2, Eclipse - only a long arms race till big final battle? by starkprod  Eclipse: New Dawn for the Galaxy.


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The shadows of the great civilizations are about to eclipse the galaxy.

A game of Eclipse places you in control of a vast interstellar civilization, competing for success with its rivals. Boardgamegeek eclipse Helsinki Gina, Escher gang leader Necromunda.


Don't mess with boardgamegeek eclipse or she'll kick your ass. Review of Eclipse from a playtester's perspective Warning: Background and first impression I was involved in the playtesting of Eclipse and have played about 15 games so far.

Many of them have been boardgamegeek eclipse the early prototype and most with some experimental rules, but all in all I like to think I have a good-enough idea of the gameplay and balance to review the game.

Let's start with a Disclaimer: That, in its simplicity, is my main criterion.

An in-depth review of Eclipse | Eclipse | BoardGameGeek

Eclipse impressed me already in its early prototype stage by being an extremely fun and solid game to play. That is the only reason I'm endorsing it and why I bothered to boardgamegeek eclipse involved with it in the first place.

I'm not getting paid or boardgamegeek eclipse. In any case, feel free to take my views with a grain of salt.

Also, as I have been familiar with the game for quite some time, my perspective is not a boardgamegeek eclipse impression but an in-depth look.

I do remember my first impression well, though. Boardgamegeek eclipse had already given me a general idea of the game in an email conversation so I knew a bit what kind of a game to expect and was very eager to try it out. What surprised me from the get-go was the ambitious scope of their undertaking.


boardgamegeek eclipse A full-blown epic civilization-building game with all the 4X elements, no compromises? Playable in a couple of hours? You can design your own spacecraft blueprints?

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  • Race Specific Strategy

Are you freaking serious? I was a bit sceptical whether such a thing was even possible.

The shadows of the great civilizations are about to eclipse the boardgamegeek eclipse. Late game, you should ideally have the potential to build ships of boardgamegeek eclipse, and can come out of your shell and wreak havoc.


There are a few things to bear in mind with this strategy.