Learn about the tarot through hands-on experience! This workbook and textbook, by noted tarot scholar Hajo Banzhaf, is ideal for use with all tarot decks. The Tarot Handbook [Hajo Banzhaf, Christine M. Grimm] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Learn about tarot through hands-on experience! Keywords for the Crowley Tarot has 72 ratings and 5 reviews. Patrick said: It is doubtful that the beginning readers of Aliester Crowley's Book of Thoth.


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Grateful I was that there banzhaf tarot someone to recommend Hajo Banzhaf's and Brigitte Theler's excellent companion guide to the Great Magus' work. Having been a Banzhaf tarot Reader now for 15 years myself, I still find this book to be a valuable reference.

It gives a number banzhaf tarot very useful Tarot spreads, and breaks down each card in terms of prominent symbology, as well as useful interpretations along several common lines of human query. It's not some quickly-put-together, mass marketed book.


Each of the 78 cards in the tarot have their own page, and he has a section 4 sections that you can read: The overall meaning banzhaf tarot the card, the meaning of the card in a relati This was the first book I owned on tarot. The overall meaning of the card, the meaning of the card in a relationship reading, the meaning of the card in a spiritual reading, and the meaning of the card in a business or finance reading.

In addition to the meanings, there is also a page for each card on banzhaf tarot they mean in each position of the Celtic Cross Spread.