Three Piece Flange End Ball valves Specification-Ball Valves-Ball valve-Industrial Ball Valves from UNIMAC VALVES-manufacturer and exporter India. Illustrated Index 1 and 2-Pc. Ball Valves. .. Ball Valve Specifications. As a standard, NIBCO® bronze ball valves are made to be “dezincification resistant,”. This specification covers the design, materials, construction features, manufacture and testing of Ball valves at Vendor's or/ and sub-Vendor's works inclusive of.


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Stainless Steel Ball Valve Specifications and Features

These can be referred to as a type of control valve but are ball valve specification not as accurate as a balancing valve, needle valve, globe valve, or pressure regulating valve.

Cavity filler[ edit ] Many industries encounter problem with residues in the ball valve.

Where the fluid is meant for human consumption, residues may also be health hazard, and when where the fluid changes from time to time contamination of one fluid with another may occur.

Residues arise because in the half ball valve specification position of ball valve specification ball valve a gap is created between the ball bore and the body in which fluid can be trapped.

Steel Body Ball Valve Technical Specification | Full Flow Flanged Port Valves

To avoid the fluid getting into this cavity, the cavity has to be plugged, which can ball valve specification done by extending the seats in such a manner that it is always in contact with the ball.

This type of ball valve is known as Cavity Filler Ball Valve. There are a few types of ball valves ball valve specification to the attachment and lateral movement of the ball: A floating ball valve is one where the ball is not held in place by a trunnion.

In normal operation, this will cause the ball to float downstream slightly.

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This causes the seating mechanism to compress under the ball pressing against it. Furthermore, in some types, in the event of some force causing the seat mechanism to dissipate such as extreme heat from fire outside the valve ball valve specification, the ball will float all the way to metal body which is designed to seal against ball valve specification ball providing a somewhat failsafe design.

Manually operated ball valves can be closed quickly and thus there is a danger of water hammer.

Stainless Steel valves are reliable since they can be used repeatedly opening and closing flow many times, with no effect on performance. Even after extensive periods of not being used they close securely.

They work well in conjunction with Camlock fittings and Couplings. As with all NPT threads they are designed to seal ball valve specification threaded to a pipe.

Ball Valve Specifications Page

Other ends are available on request, such as Male NPT Threads or stainless steel flanged ball valves. This ball valve specification that there is no flow restriction resulting in a constant flow rate.

Also referred to as full bore valves ,the ball valve specification benefits are the reduction of cavitation and pressure drop. Investment casting results in a durable product that can funtion repeateldy even after years of no use.

Valve Handle All valve handles are Stainless Steel with a plastic cover.


The stem handle has an Anti-Blow-out Design. When the handle is aligned with the valve, then Flow is open and when the handle is perpendicular, flow is closed. Handle Locking Device The lock that enables ball valve specification valve handle to be locked in place once closed is manufactured from SS and supplied standard with every Valve.


Care has to be taken to lift this locking device up before opening the handle or else it will not move. Even after long periods ball valve specification not being used their performance remains uneffected. The 2 piece SS Ball valve has only one body joint, this makes it easier to clean than the one piece valves.

Being made out of two pieces it allows a larger ball to be installed making this a full bore ball ball valve specification.