KARAKTERISASI DAN APLIKASI ANTIBODI MONOKLONAL WDSSB5 UNTUK DETEKSI VIRUS DENGUE PADA SEL C6/36 DENGAN. Pemanfaatan Antibodi Monoklonal dalam Immunoassay untuk Deteksi Baculovirus oryctes. Susamto Somowiyarjo(1*), Hery. Suatu cara untuk menyatukan sel B-limfosit dengan sel kanker sehingga dihasilkan sel hibrid yang juga disebut antibodi monoklonal.


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History[ edit ] The idea of " magic bullets " was first proposed by Paul Ehrlichwho, at the beginning of the 20th century, postulated that, if a compound could be made that selectively targeted a disease-causing organism, then a toxin for that organism could be delivered along with the agent of selectivity.

In the antibody monoklonal adalah, the B-cell cancer multiple myeloma was known. It was antibody monoklonal adalah that these cancerous B-cells all produce a single type of antibody a paraprotein.

Polyclonal vs Monoclonal Antibodies

Antibody monoklonal adalah was used to study the structure of antibodies, but it was not yet possible to produce identical antibodies specific to a given antigen. Production[ edit ] Researchers looking at slides of cultures of cells that make monoclonal antibodies.

These are grown in a lab and the researchers are analyzing the products to select the most promising of them. Monoclonal antibodies can be grown in unlimited quantities in antibody monoklonal adalah bottles shown in this picture.

Technician hand-filling wells with a liquid for a research test. This test involves preparation of cultures in which hybrids are grown in large quantities to produce desired antibody.

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This is effected by fusing myeloma cell and mouse lymphocyte to form a hybrid cell hybridoma. Lab technician bathing prepared slides in a solution.

This technician prepares slides of antibody monoklonal adalah antibodies for researchers.

Monoclonal antibody - Wikipedia

The cells shown are antibody monoklonal adalah human breast cancer. Polyethylene glycol is used to fuse adjacent plasma membranes, [6] but the success rate is low, so a selective medium in which only fused cells can antibody monoklonal adalah is used.

This is possible because myeloma cells have lost the ability to synthesize hypoxanthine-guanine-phosphoribosyl transferase HGPRTan enzyme necessary for the salvage synthesis of nucleic acids.


The absence of HGPRT antibody monoklonal adalah not a problem for these cells unless the de novo purine synthesis pathway is also disrupted. Exposing cells to aminopterin a folic acid analogue, which inhibits dihydrofolate reductaseDHFRmakes them unable to use the de novo pathway and become fully auxotrophic for antibody monoklonal adalah acidsthus requiring supplementation to survive.

The selective culture medium is called HAT medium because it contains hypoxanthineaminopterin and thymidine.


This medium is selective for fused hybridoma cells. Unfused spleen cells cannot grow indefinitely because of their limited life span.

ANTIBODI MONOKLONAL (hibridioma) by Zeron Natsir on Prezi

Only fused hybrid cells, referred to as hybridomas, are able to grow indefinitely in the media because the spleen cell partner supplies HGPRT and the myeloma partner has traits that make it immortal similar to a cancer cell. This mixture of cells is then diluted and clones are grown from single parent antibody monoklonal adalah on microtitre wells.


The antibodies secreted by the different clones are then assayed for their ability antibody monoklonal adalah bind to the antigen with a test such as ELISA or Antigen Antibody monoklonal adalah Assay or immuno- dot blot. The most productive and stable clone is then selected for future use. The hybridomas can be grown indefinitely in a suitable cell culture medium.

Polyclonal vs Monoclonal Antibodies

They can also be injected into mice in the peritoneal cavitysurrounding the gut. There, they produce tumors secreting an antibody-rich fluid called ascites fluid.

The medium must be enriched during in vitro selection to further favour hybridoma growth.