"In the film Janbaz has been shown as having sex with his first wife in front of Sushmita, but this never happened," said an aggrieved Banerjee. She was best known for her memoir, Kabuliwala's Bengali Wife, in which she told how she managed to flee Afghanistan as the Taliban. Banerjee wrote a book called “Kabuliwalar Bangali Bou” (A Kabuliwala's Bengali Wife), which chronicles her escape from the Taliban in.


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And one thought is inescapable: Sushmita Banerjee was the kind of person who would believe that an elephant could indeed be hidden in a bag.


There, she met the strapping Jaanbaz, one of a couple of thousand Afghan money-lenders who ply their trade in cash and nuts in the city. These men are accepted as traditional curiosities: Congenitally adventurous, Sushmita overcame the a kabuliwala bengali wife she faced and married Jaanbaz.

Her publishers claim that the second volume, Taliban, Afghan and I, in Bangla, out last year, is approaching half-a-million in sales. Much of the trilogy has moments which are the stuff of cinema.

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Like Bandopadhyay's two a kabuliwala bengali wife escape attempts which took her to and from the winding Khyber Pass, to be stopped by her husband's relatives almost at the gate of the Indian Embassy in Islamabad.

These were journeys without a map or a passport.


TNN Feb 17, Banerjee had gone to see the film after it released at Metro on Friday. So was my husband.

Kabuliwala's Bengali Wife by Sushmita Bandhopadhyay

Police surmised she might have been targeted for murder for various reasons, including her book, her social a kabuliwala bengali wife in the region, or merely the fact that she was an Indian woman, [3] or according to others for not wearing a burqafor a kabuliwala bengali wife she was sentenced to death almost two decades earlier, under the Taliban regime.

The group, led by Mullah Najibullah, explained that they had kidnapped, interrogated and then murdered Banerjee because they believed she was "an Indian spy".

Although some of her neighbours reflected that her death may have been partly caused by her not following local Afghan traditions, especially regarding the wearing a kabuliwala bengali wife a burqa outside the home.

Last year her brother-in-law was killed near the Opera cinema in Kolkata.

Who killed the Kabuliwalah's Bengali wife?

That was the last time when many in the community saw her. A kabuliwala bengali wife some of those neighbours had asked her whether she was not afraid to go back to Afghanistan.

Her body was found outside a madrasa riddled with at least 20 bullets. Afghan police told AFP that a lot of her hair had been ripped out as well. Police chief Daulat Khan Zadran said that from preliminary investigations they think that someone took revenge on her for what she had said and written earlier.