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Issue 45 of 3D Artist magazine is on sale now!

Tolkien is certainly the main influence for me in telling this type of fantasy, but the British writer Michael Moorcock had a significant impact on me at that time too. His Infinite Spheres universe was very intriguing.

Old myths and legends of our own planet's various cultures is also a constant influence. Martin's Game of Thrones is taking the 3d artist issue 45 grand scale and bringing it to an even broader audience on 3d artist issue 45.

I think all the political intrigue is a big draw for some who are not necessarily into fantasy and as more people are introduced to the fantasy genre it will be interesting to see if there is much more of an impact on media, trends and culture in general.

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With big tales, the biggest challenges are creating something believable, despite it being fantasy, and keeping 33 consistency. Consistency in this context means not having holes, dead ends or 3d artist issue 45 without a reason. I don't like to tell people that X happened and not have a reason for it, just because I need to make something work.

If I can't find a reason or 3d artist issue 45 work it in to what's already there, then I have to drop it and move on or go back and rewrite something else to make it fit right.

One has to be careful with too many rewrites or you can have a backwards domino effect trying to justify a current idea.

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At some point you have to decide which is better, the current storyline 3d artist issue 45 the new idea. Does the story drive the art or does art drive the story? Without a doubt, the two concepts go hand in hand.

Initially the images sparked the story, but I'm finding, now, that the story often dictates the image to be created.

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I don't choose 3d artist issue 45 over the other. I can still create an image now with no intention of using it for the story and suddenly find I can and want to fit it in somehow. The first image I want to ask you about is the map of Erath. With just a quick exposure to the world in preparation for this interview one of the first things to jump out at me is the diversity of the environment.


How did you begin 3d artist issue 45 lay out the geography of Erath? I've been playing with maps since those early RPG days and I still have many drawings of those early fantasy worlds.

3D Artist Magazine

But each story requires a new land. I had some of the story written before creating the map, so the Barrier Mountains, Aehus Mons, the dragon valley, the Az Zalad Desert and the Northwood were already geographical locations that I roughly had laid out in my head.

Messinar was forming as were Exador and the elven realm of Talana. Ultimately I had to start laying it out with Vue and worked it from there. Vue creates random terrains, but allows for extreme editing and sculpting 3d artist issue 45 a terrain.

Some of the final map is what it is, because I liked the results that Vue came up with.